September 15, 2023

Totem Reveal: Chapter 2

Calling all Uplanders, prepare yourselves for another adventure! Miles and Gaia are about to embark on their next expedition into the echoes of darkness. During this journey, they will uncover the secrets leading to the reveal of the next two Totem Life Forms. 

Chapter 2: Echoes of Darkness: Delving into the Caverns

The torches that Miles and Gaia wielded painted their path with flickering light, casting vibrant, animated shadows upon the ancient cave walls. With each step, the depths called them further in, their path adorned with intricate carvings that told tales of old.

The first to capture their attention was the grand depiction of a toucan, its elongated beak leading them to two puzzling designs carved meticulously beside it. These riddles, interwoven with age-old tales, beckoned the adventurers to unravel their mysteries. As they pondered the toucan's challenges, they were met with the unyielding eyes of a wolf. This guardian of secrets stood adjacent to a singular, yet equally cryptic puzzle, promising revelations of hidden truths.

The distant murmurs of the cave enveloped them, echoing tales of rituals from a time long forgotten, guiding them deeper into the heart of the cavern. As they navigated this serpentine maze, a grand chamber unveiled itself, resonating with the hushed tales of Incan ancestors. Here, amidst the palpable history and the weight of the ancient world, a realization dawned upon Miles and Gaia. They were moments away from unearthing the legendary hidden Stem Tree, a relic lost to time. The very air grew thick with anticipation, as they stood on the precipice of a monumental discovery.

How to Acquire Totems Recap 

Totems are available for purchase through a series of Mystery Pass sales designed exclusively for an exchange to several rarities of Life Forms in each drop. The rarities of each Totem are defined by five unique traits that influence your Totem's behavior, rewards, and more. 

Prior to each sale, the Upland Team will begin manufacturing the specific Totems designated for the upcoming sale, which is when the type (animal or plant) of Life Form will be revealed to you. While these Totems are being manufactured, we will hold a Totem Mystery Pass sale for the chapter, which is the only way to acquire them in the Upland Store. As always, registration will be required 24 hours in advance, and then you must log in on the day of the sale to complete your purchase. The exchange to reveal your Totem will not take place until all the Passes in the Chapter have been distributed, and all the Totems from the sale have been fully manufactured. 

The Upland Team will notify you and the entire community when each Totem Pass exchange is enabled. This same process will apply to all the upcoming Totem releases. We'll provide an official announcement for every Totem Release, and as soon as manufacturing for these items begins, we'll unveil the newly added Life Forms that will be up for purchase via the Mystery Pass exchange. 

Chapter 2 Life Forms: Toucan and Wolf

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll release the sale announcement for the second Totem release, featuring the Toucan and Wolf Life Forms. Below is a preview of the Chapter 2 Life Forms that are being manufactured, but remember the Toucan and Wolf that you acquire with your Mystery Pass in this next sale will have its own unique combination of traits. Don’t forget, it will be your mission to feed and take care of your Totem during the cycle, but not until all Life Forms in this first story have been manufactured. 

Totem Wiki

If you haven't already, make sure to visit our Totem Wiki for more information about Totems, Stem, and Protem. There, you'll find in-depth insights on how you’ll eventually power the lifecycle of your Totems and understand the intricacies of Totem Traits. Please note that the Totem Wiki is a work in progress, and we will release additional details as more Totems are revealed.

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