February 13, 2023

Tradition Comes to Life in the Mangueira Carnaval Sale

[UPDATE 2.24.23]

Get ready for another exciting show in the Mangueira Upland Experience app! Join us on Saturday, February 25th, at 3 PM PT for an exclusive Carnaval stream, hosted by the Mangueira Samba School in Upland, to celebrate the school’s top-five honors at this year’s Carnaval competition. 

Travel to the heart of Rio and experience the vibrant energy of the Mangueira Samba School located at RUA VISC DE NITEROI, 1072 - MANGUEIRA. Come celebrate Carnaval with one of the best samba schools in Brazil! To join in on the fun, players will need to download the Mangueira Upland Experience app for their iOS or Android device and create a 3D Avatar!


[UPDATE 2.21.21]

The Mangueira Samba School stream starts today, February 21 at 3PM PT. You can find the fun over at RUA VISC DE NITEROI, 1072 RIO DE JANEIRO! As a special bonus, Mangueira is helping all Uplanders with discounted travelling fees. That means the travel fee to Rio is just 1000 UPX until Wednesday, February 22 9 AM PT! Enjoy Carnaval!


[UPDATE 2.20.23]

There’s a new experience for 3D Avatars in Upland just in time for Carnaval, thanks to our partner Mangueira Samba School! 

As a part of the Upland Developer Network (UDN), the Mangueira Upland Experience is a replica of the Mangueira Samba School in Rio. In this beta release, players can jump into the samba school with their 3D Avatar to meet other players. 

To celebrate the lauch, Mangueira is hosting an exclusive Carnaval stream inside Upland. As one of the samba schools competing for Carnaval Champion this year, it’s a must-see event and it’s going down in Upland! Join the watch party by jumping into the Mangueira Upland Experience on Tuesday, February 21 at 3 PM PT and enjoy Carnaval like never before in the metaverse!

To get the Mangueira Upland Experience: 

  • Download the Mangueira Upland Experience for your iOS or Android device
  • Travel to Mangueira’s school in Rio at RUA VISC DE NITEROI, 1072 - MANGUEIRA
  • Follow the steps to link your Upland account to the Mangueira Upland Experience
  • Enjoy Carnaval!  

Get Mangueira on Android

Get Mangueira on iOS

Here’s a refresher on travel to make your trip to Mangueira a breeze. 

In the future, expect to see expanded features and functionality such as voice chat and Legits in the Mangueira Upland Experience. For now, head to the Mangueira Samba School in Rio and celebrate Carnaval with one of the best samba schools in Brazil! 

We’ll see you in Rio! 


The party has come to town now that Mangeira’s Carnaval Sale is here. Starting Wednesday, February 15 at 6 AM PT, this Mangueira bundle sale includes new Block Explorers and Structure Ornaments – resplendent in Mangueira Samba School’s 2023 Carnaval themes and designs. 

Items in this bundle sale can be used during Upland’s Carnaval Season, starting February 10 and ending February 25. This is the perfect way to prep for Rio’s Carnaval in the metaverse! 

A Carnaval celebration for the ages is going down! Grab some gear and enjoy Carnaval with us in Upland.


  • The Mangueira Carnaval Sale is a registration-required bundle sale starting February 15.
  • Items include one Mangueira-themed Block Explorer and one Structure Ornament per bundle.
  • There are Common, Rare, and Epic versions of the Block Explorers.
  • The Block Explorer and Structure Ornament in each bundle are random (odds table below).

Mangueira Carnaval Sale Details

Mangueira’s Carnaval Sale is a bundle sale offering one Block Explorer and one Structure Ornament per bundle. Eight bundles are available, each with a different price and total quantity available for purchase. Please remember that registration is required to participate. 

Sale registration: February 13 at 9 AM PT

Sale registration ends: February 15 at 5 AM PT

Sale starts: February 15 at 6 AM PT

Sale ends: When bundles sell out!

All items from this bundle sale are inspired by the four dazzling costumes that Mangueira Samba School is bringing to Carnaval, including:

  • Folia dos Africanos (Revelry of Africans)
  • Carnaval das Elites (Carnival of the Elites)
  • Renovação do Timbal (Timbal Renovation)
  • Ara Ketu (The Renewal of Ancestral Touches)

Mangueira’s costumes will only be used in the 2023 Carnaval – giving players a unique chance to capture Carnaval history in Upland! 

The Block Explorers in the sale have four distinct designs for each Mangueira costume, plus three rarity levels for each costume – totaling 12 unique Block Explorers available in the sale. Upland’s eight residential Structures have four Mangueira Structure Ornaments designs – one for each Mangueira costume listed above. 

Grab a bundle while you can! Check our chart below for bundle quantities and prices. Also, scroll down for a preview of Block Explorers and Structure Ornaments. 

Note: Players may experience up to a 36-hour delay before Mangueira bundles drop to their account. 

Players should register for the sale and select a bundle based on a residential Structure they want to customize for Carnaval. The Block Explorer (including rarity level) and the Structure Ornament received in the bundle will be randomly selected. The odds tables below shows the chances of receiving each item. Also, mints for each item are not randomly generated; they are minted sequentially. 

Mangueira Carnaval 2023 Block Explorers

There are four Block Explorer designs, and each design comes in three rarity levels: Common, Rare, and Epic. As we mentioned earlier, Block Explorer costumes and rarity will be random for each bundle. Players can now use these Block Explorers year-round. Check out the swagger on these guys! 

Mangueira Carnaval 2023 Structure Ornaments

The four Structure Ornament themes are based on the Mangueira Samba School’s four costumes we mentioned earlier. Players can decorate their residential Structures with Mangueira Structure Ornaments during Upland’s Carnaval season, which starts February 10 and ends February 25 every year. Take a look at the amazing colors and designs below!

Carnaval and Mangueira Tradition Come Alive 

Did you know that Carnaval isn’t just a block party on steroids? The Rio Carnaval goes back to 1723 and is a competition between hundreds of samba schools, including our partner, Mangueira Samba School. 

The samba schools work all year long to produce an awe-inspiring show with costumes, floats, music, dance, and a parade that lasts over an hour each – all in hopes of winning the title of Rio Carnaval Samba Parade Champion. 

Mangueira’s Block Explorers and Structure Ornaments are already sweet. But, if Mangueira can win the Carnaval competition, that’ll make these items even sweeter! 

Spark Exchange Simulation for Structure Ornaments in Mangueira and UGC Carnaval Sales 

Some players may recall the Spark Exchange Simulation we ran for other Structure Ornament sale events. In Upland, the intent is to simulate many aspects of a real-world economy and city building. As such, many objects (e.g., Structure Ornaments) need to be built in factories. However, there are no Structure Ornament factories in Upland at this time. To keep things in line with our original message – that we are unwilling to break the rules of the metaverse – we are using a Spark Exchange Simulation for the release of Structure Ornaments in the Mangueira Carnaval Sale and the recent UGC Carnaval Ornament Sale. ‍

To build Structure Ornaments for the Mangueira Carnaval Sale and UGC Carnaval Ornament Sale, Upland will in effect “borrow” unstaked Spark from all Spark holders who wish to participate and reward those players in the form of UPX. As such, we will be distributing a total of 2,043,200 million UPX for Mangueira Carnaval Sale and for the UGC Carnaval Ornament Sale combined (based on the assumption that all items and bundles will sell out) to Spark holders with unstaked Spark. This process simulates the functionality of the future Spark Exchange, where players will be able to rent Spark from each other in exchange for UPX. 

To document participants, we will take a snapshot of players with unstaked Spark. The snapshot will be taken on February 23, 2023, between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM PT. ‍All registered Uplanders with unstaked Spark at the time of the snapshot will be rewarded pro-rata, depending on the amount of unstaked Spark they currently hold. The 2,043,200 million UPX reward pool is based on an estimation of the required costs to build the Structure Ornaments from both sale events, respectively. This calculation is a function of what construction would cost in UPX per Spark Hours required to build. The UPX rewards will be distributed after the snapshot has been taken. 

Be sure to opt-in for this Spark Exchange Simulation to be eligible! 

Opt-In here

It’s Mangueira’s Time to Shine In Upland

The Upland-Mangueira partnership was announced way back in July alongside Rio de Janeiro’s reveal as Upland’s first international city. Upland is proud to have one of the oldest samba schools as a part of the metaverse. The Mangueira Carnaval Sale is the perfect way for players to join in on the deep tradition and the unforgettable party that is Rio’s Carnaval. Register for the sale, and celebrate Carnaval like never before!

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