March 18, 2022

Treasure Hunting Updates: New Tiers & Rewards

[7.5.2022 UPDATE]

Updated list of Upland Cities, Treasure Hunting Tiers and Riot Mode Details.


A few months ago, we detailed our plans for how we evaluate and categorize cities across the Upland Metaverse. A major part of this new framework is an adjustment to send fee margins, which expands and clearly defines each fee tier. Of course, this has additional implications for the Treasure Hunting reward structure, which is heavily tied to the send fee margins of a given city. Next Monday morning (PT), we will be expanding Treasure Hunting tiers from 3 to 5, reworking rewards, adjusting Riot Mode thresholds, and reclassifying each city’s send fee margins to match the new tiering framework. 

Treasure Hunting Tier Overhaul

Effective Monday, select cities in Upland will have both their Send Fee Margins and Treasure Hunting tiers adjusted to create a more coherent reward structure. Cities that are having their send fee margins increase will also have increased Treasure Hunting rewards; this increase will be commensurate with the increase in fees. Some cities will have little to no change depending on how they are categorized in the new city tiering framework.

This overhaul introduces 2 new treasure hunting tiers in addition to some minor tweaks and reclassifications of the existing tiers. The first is a new tier 1, which has greater rewards than the previous tier 1 to match the increase in send fee margins. The second is a new tier 3 which serves as the middle ground between all tiers; there are currently no Upland cities that match this tier. Tiers 2, 4, 5 and received a minor facelift to ensure the rewards are aligned across all city tiers. The new tiers are as follows:

Tier 1 (New)

  • Send Fees: 25/125/50
  • Standard Rewards: 290 UPX to 8,250 UPX
  • Rarity: Standard, Limited, Exclusive, & Rare (New Tier!)

Tier 2 (Similar Rewards to Previous Tier 1)

  • Send Fees: 20/100/40
  • Standard Rewards: 230 UPX to 6,600 UPX
  • Rarity: Standard, Limited, & Exclusive

Tier 3 (New)

  • Send Fees: 15/75/30
  • Standard Rewards: 175 UPX to 4,950 UPX
  • Rarity: Standard, Limited, & Exclusive

Tier 4 (Similar Rewards to Previous Tier 2)

  • Send Fees: 10/50/20
  • Standard Rewards: 120 UPX to 3,300 UPX
  • Rarity: Standard & Limited

Tier 5 (Similar Rewards to Previous Tier 3)

  • Send Fees: 5/25/10
  • Standard Rewards: 60 UPX to 1,650 UPX
  • Rarity: Standard & Limited

Note: Players who had their send fees set to a tier that no longer exists will have their fees reset to default.

Old Tiers vs. New Tiers

New Rare Tier

Tier 1 Treasure Hunts should stand apart from the rest, and the rewards should reflect the status of this tier. As such, we will be introducing a new rarity of competitive treasures for Tier 1 Treasure Hunts, the “Rare” tier. 

Rare tier treasures will spawn much less frequently than their Limited and Exclusive counterparts. The rewards at this rarity, however, will be substantially greater than the rest. As a part of this new tier, there will be 4 brand-new treasures to discover, the “Rare Spark Chest,”  “Rare Treasure Chest”, as well as the “Diamond” and “Stacked Coins” Pinatas. 

Riot Mode Thresholds

Riot Mode creates additional incentives for players to participate in Treasure Hunts by augmenting their rewards when many players are actively hunting. These rewards, however, have become a bit skewed due to some cities staying in a constant state of Riot Mode. To mitigate this problem, we will be introducing new Riot Mode thresholds, and adjusting reward bonuses while Riot Mode is active. 

These adjustments have been designed very carefully to ensure that the incentives for hunting in Riot Mode are still lucrative, but without creating an overdistribution of rewards. Riot Mode thresholds will now be dynamic across all cities and will be adjusted based on hunting activity in each of those cities. You’ll also notice that cities with high thresholds have much greater boosted rewards while Riot Mode is active. In other words, competition may be much higher, but the opportunities for rewards are also much greater.

This is a big change for the Treasure Hunting community in Upland, but these new systems will create a much healthier ecosystem in the long term. Thank you all for reading and best of luck to our most ambitious hunters!

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