April 6, 2023

Uncollected Earnings Cap for Owned Properties in Upland

After further review, we have adjusted the uncollected earnings cap values to give players a bit more time to claim their earnings. Based on community feedback, we recognize that the original values lacked context on what stage the player might be in as they work to level up their Upland status. In the future, we will be exploring ways to make the cap more dynamic to create a healthier experience.

Check out the updated uncollected earnings cap values below! 

On Monday, June 5th, the uncollected earnings cap for owned properties will be activated, which means that earnings will stop accruing at certain thresholds based on Upland status. To avoid missing out on any UPX earnings, it is advised that players log in and collect their earnings before the implementation of this feature. 

Additionally, earnings can no longer be collected on a per-property basis; all earnings will now be collected simultaneously. The uncollected earnings cap values will vary based on your Upland Status, the caps for each level are as follows: 

Uncollected Earnings Cap (by Level) UPDATED as of 6.2.23:

  • Visitor: 12 UPX
  • Uplander: 40 UPX
  • Pro: 500 UPX
  • Director: 12,000 UPX
  • Executive: 280,000 UPX
  • Chief Executive: 8,000,000 UPX

Note: The above values will be used on the initial rollout. Further adjustments may be made as necessary.


Attention Uplanders! In the upcoming weeks, we will be implementing a cap on uncollected UPX earnings for owned properties in Upland. This new feature will require players to log in and collect their property earnings before hitting a certain cap. 

Given the nature of this change, we wanted to make sure players have plenty of heads-up before it goes live. All players will be notified and reminded to collect their earnings at least a week before the cap is implemented. At that time, we will also reveal the details of the cap values for each Upland status. As with all new features, we will be monitoring the community and analyzing data to determine if any further changes are needed.

What is the Uncollected Earnings Cap?

The uncollected earnings cap will vary depending on the player's Upland status. This change does not cap how much a player can earn, but rather caps how much UPX can go uncollected before it stops accumulating. For example, if the uncollected earnings cap is 100,000 UPX, earnings will stop accruing at that cap until the player claims their UPX. As a result, active and engaged players will always have access to their full property earnings potential, while inactive players will miss out on earnings. Players will soon need to make sure to log in and collect their property earnings regularly to maximize their rewards in Upland!

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