November 15, 2021

UNFT Swapping Update


We're pleased to announce that Block Explorer Swaps are now live! This means that players can now trade their Upland NFTs for Block Explorers in addition to Legits and Ornaments. Swaps are 1-for-1 trades that can be initiated by clicking on the player's asset you wish to acquire and submitting an offer.


UNFT Swapping is getting an Update! Last week, we announced that players could start trading the NFLPA Legits for other NFLPA Legits. Today, we are expanding this feature to include Structure Ornaments, as well as Spirit Legits. Players can now leverage a greater part of their portfolio to create unique and interesting trades with other Uplanders. 

This is an important step forward as it enables trade between different types of NFTs for the first time in the metaverse. This means that trading an Ornament for an NFLPA/Spirit Legit (and vice versa) is now possible! 

How to Initiate a Swap

To initiate a swap, you’ll need to place an offer on an Uplander’s Legit or Ornament. To do so, click on the target player’s block explorer to open up their profile window. Once inside, click on the “Assets” button, this will allow you to see what assets the player is currently holding on to. Find the NFT you’d like to swap for and select the item you wish to acquire. Once the NFT is opened up, you will have the option to submit an offer via the “Submit Offer” button. Select the asset you’d like to include in your trade to submit your offer. If the offer is accepted, the new NFT will appear in your asset wallet under “NFLPA Legits.”

Future Swapping Updates

Now that players can swap NFLPA Legits, Spirit Legits, and Ornaments interchangeably, the next step will be to introduce Block Explorers to this list! We are actively working on the deployment of Block Explorer swaps and will have an update for you guys as soon as it’s ready, so stay tuned for further updates.

Other Updates: Referral Bonuses

Future referral bonuses will now have a bonus rewards cap of 100,000 UPX. In other words, once your friend has become an Uplander, we will match their first purchase and split it as a bonus between you and them, up to a maximum of 100,000 UPX (50,000 UPX each)

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