January 29, 2024

Unlock Exclusive Style: Introducing the Upland Season Pass

Seasons have arrived in Upland, and with them, we're introducing an exciting addition – the Season Pass. This exclusive pass is designed for players who appreciate style and cosmetics, offering a unique and limited-time opportunity to enhance your in-game persona.

What is the Season Pass?

The Season Pass is your key to unlocking a variety of cosmetic items. When you purchase and burn the pass, you'll receive a weekly drop of cosmetic items throughout the season. 

Each season will bring its own array of exclusive cosmetics, further enriching the sense of uniqueness and individuality.

Quick Overview

  • Season Passes provide only cosmetic items, and it's important to note that these are not NFTs; they cannot be sold or traded. They are directly linked to your Upland account.
  • Cosmetic drops happen every Tuesday, and once you miss a drop, those items are gone forever.
  • We are continuously evolving and expanding new ways for players to express themselves within Upland, and you can expect these enhancements to continue in future seasons
  • The Season Pass is priced at a fixed rate of $6.99 per season.
  • Additionally, every Season Pass includes a badge to further enhance your in-game identity and prestige.
  • The first season passes will go on sale in the UPX Store on Jan 30th at 9am PT.

Why Choose Cosmetics?

These cosmetic items are intricately connected to your Upland account, granting you the freedom to tailor your in-game identity. Whether you favor a discreet appearance or wish to make a bold impression, these cosmetics offer a platform to exhibit your distinct style.

Moreover, it's important to note that as time goes by, different cosmetics will become increasingly rare and unique, adding an exciting element of exclusivity to your gaming experience. 

Furthermore, possessing these rare cosmetics bestows a sense of prestige upon your gaming persona, symbolizing your dedication and proficiency among fellow players and earning you respect and recognition within the community.

How It Works

Season Passes will be available in the store throughout the entirety of each season. Every Tuesday, players who have activated their pass by burning it will receive an exciting surprise cosmetic item. These items won't be revealed beforehand, ensuring every week remains filled with anticipation and engagement.

A snapshot of eligible players will be taken at 9 am PT every Tuesday, and anyone with a burned pass for the season becomes eligible for that week's items.

You only need to burn one pass per season to qualify for all the drops. However, it's crucial to remember that once you miss a drop, you miss out for good. For instance, if you purchase and burn the pass in week two, you won't receive the cosmetic drop from week one.

All season passes will be $6.99, focusing exclusively on cosmetics. As the seasons progress, we will continue to expand player customization, further enriching your in-game identity.

But that's not all – Season Passes also include a unique Season Badge. Your badge will be delivered to your account on the first Tuesday following the activation of your pass. Each season features its own distinctive badge, making it another exclusive collectible for you to cherish.

Get Ready 

In summary, if you enjoy the idea of standing out in the Upland community, the Season Pass offers an exclusive opportunity. Get ready for a season filled with surprises, style, and self-expression. Get your Season Pass now and make this season unforgettable!

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