February 1, 2024

Upland Launches First Ever Web3 Onboarding Bundle in the Metaverse!

[Update Feb 2 7:31 am PT] Sale dates have been updated to reflect new times. Bundles have been updated with additional spark and collection properties.

[Update Feb 1 1:51 pm PT] Due to technical issues, we need to delay the ETH-only bundle sale by a few days. We're working hard to fix the problem and will announce when registration reopens. Unfortunately it's a situation which will require players to re-register once resolved. Stay tuned for more updates, Thank you for your patience.


We're thrilled to announce a major event in the Upland universe: our first ever ETH-only bundle sale. This exciting development is a significant step in expanding the Upland ecosystem, offering players unique rewards and experiences.

This event is not just about unique rewards; it's about encouraging players to connect their MetaMask wallets in anticipation of the future Sparklet token. Sparklet will require the integration of your MetaMask wallet, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to prepare and connect!

The core of this offer is exceptional value. Each bundle is carefully curated to include high-value properties complemented by the bonus of spark. This compelling combination is crafted to incentivize players to integrate their MetaMask wallets and engage with Ethereum transactions.

This exclusive offer will be available in the store for the next few weeks, providing ample time for all players to integrate their MetaMask wallets and take advantage of this opportunity.

Join us in this exciting phase of Upland's growth, where we're not only offering great value but also fostering advancement in the use of blockchain technology in the metaverse.

Beverly Hills

Reflecting its real-life exclusivity and prestige, Beverly Hills in Upland offers a unique acquisition experience. Due to the area's renowned status in Los Angeles, obtaining properties here won't follow our usual expansion pattern. Instead, the only way to access these exclusive properties will be through this sale and through future contests and specialized sales. The city's launch is also non-vanilla, meaning collections are all revealed beforehand (see collection details below).

Beverly Hills in Upland is set to be a unique chapter, where its real-world exclusivity is mirrored in the metaverse, offering access only through this sale and future special events.

Beverly Hill Details 

Total Properties: 7,700
TH Tier: A part of LA

New Collections: 7 new collections

  • City collection: Beverly Hills / standard collection 

Neighborhood collections

  • The Flats / Limited collection
  • Beverly Hills Gateway / Exclusive collection
  • Roxbury Park / Exclusive collection

Street Collections:

  • Alpine Dr. / rare collection
  • Rodeo Dr. / rare collection
  • Sunset Blvd. / ultra rare collection

Avg Mint Price: 256,501 (collections factor included, since opening is non-vanilla )

Lowest Mint Price: 4,320 (Very few props under 10k UPX)

Highest Mint Price: 55,361,000

Added Landmarks

- Beverly Wilshire Hotel

- Greystone Mansion

- Saban Theatre

- Beverly Hills Hotel (The Pink Palace)

- Two Rodeo Drive

- The Witch’s House (Spadena House)

Unmatched Value in Every Bundle

Each bundle in this sale includes three to four exclusive properties and Spark. Each bundle also presents the chance to receive exclusive landmarks, delivering unprecedented value! Properties received in the bundles will be reserved, and players will be provided with UPX. They will need to travel to these specific locations in order to mint. Properties will be reserved for a duration of one week from the time of reservation. An email notification will be promptly sent following the reservation of the properties and the distribution of UPX to players. Once the one-week period concludes, any properties that remain unminted will become available for public minting.

Bundle Details

Sale Registration: Friday February 2nd, 8 AM PT
Sale Start: Saturday February 3rd, 9 AM PT

0.05 ETH Bundle 

Quantity: 200 bundles

Contents: 3 properties + 0.06 Spark

Property Locations: LA, Manhattan, Chicago, Beverly Hills

Collections: 120 properties in this bundle are collection properties

Exclusive Landmark

  • Angelus Temple, LA

0.1 ETH Bundle

Quantity: 100 bundles

Contents: 3 properties + 0.15 Spark

Property Locations: LA, Manhattan, Chicago, Beverly Hills

Collections: 65 properties in this bundle are collection properties

Exclusive Landmarks

  • The Witch’s House, Beverly Hills 
  • John Bowne House, Queens

1 ETH Bundle:

Quantity: 50 bundles

Contents: 4 properties + 2.2 Spark

Property Locations: LA, Manhattan, Chicago, Beverly Hills

Collections: 100 properties in this bundle are collection properties

Exclusive Landmarks

  • Navy Pier, Chicago
  • Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, Bronx
  • Zeughaus, Berlin
  • Two Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
  • Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills
  • Dixon Concert Hall, New Orleans
  • St. Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham


To participate, simply connect your MetaMask wallet to Upland. Here's how:

Go to the quick menu in Upland.

Click the portal button.

Select "download NFTs."

Choose "map new account."

Join the Excitement

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to expand your property portfolio in Upland with these exclusive ETH bundles. Connect your MetaMask, participate in the sale, and you might just be one of the exclusive landmark owners in the Upland metaverse! Stay tuned for more updates and happy property hunting! 

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