April 4, 2024

Upland's Airdrop Platform Goes LIVE!

In an exhilarating turn of events, we're thrilled to announce the launch of the Upland Airdrop Platform! This marks a new chapter in Upland's journey, introducing an innovative way for players to earn Sparklet. The process is simple: visit the airdrop website, link your Twitter account, and participate in missions involving tweets to accumulate points!

How It Works

The SHARE & BUILD Sparklet Airdrop Platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with your social media activities, allowing you to earn Sparklet by engaging with Upland's content on Twitter. 

  • Connect Your Twitter: Link your Twitter account at airdrop.upland.me.
  • Engage to Earn: Like, reply, and share the highlighted tweets to start earning points. These activities will help you level up through a 10-level campaign over 3 weeks.

Earning Points

Your journey to earning points begins by following the Upland Twitter account (@Uplandme) and interacting with our curated tweets. Keep an eye on the platform daily, as the highlighted tweets will be updated regularly.

Note: Point updates might take 1-2 hours due to Twitter's API processing times.

Level Up for More Rewards

As you progress, leveling up will increase your Sparklet earnings. Factors such as the age of your Twitter account as well as amount of followers will influence your multiplier. This inaugural journey into our Airdrop series is set to unfold over a span of 3 weeks, offering players a vibrant start to an engaging experience.

Claiming Your Sparklet

At the end of each chapter, connect your Upland account to the Airdrop Platform to claim your Sparklet. 

What’s Next?

The ‘Share & Build’ Airdrop Series: Chapter 1 - Social Engagement Rewards is just the beginning. Running concurrently with in-platform missions, this series aims to enrich your Upland experience ahead of the eagerly awaited Sparklet Token Event

In line with these developments, we are shifting towards the use of Sparklet denominations in game. Rest assured, this change will not affect game mechanics, such as building times. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the integration of Sparklet into Upland. Please note: until there is more information, there is no guarantee that Sparklet will become tradeable or be listed on any exchanges. 

See you in Upland, and let's start building (and earning) together!

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