April 3, 2024

Upland's Blossom 2024 Racing Season: Revving Up for Season 2

Spring has sprung, and Upland is in full bloom with the onset of the Blossom season, marking the thrilling return of the Upland Official Racing Series Beta for its second season. We're inviting all racers to join us in the open beta of this exhilarating racing series. Your feedback is crucial in fine-tuning this virtual racing experience, setting the stage for an even more thrilling official launch during the Sizzle 2024 Season!

Upland is transforming the racing landscape, making each season a high-octane adventure. By participating in public multiplayer races, players earn points and climb the ranks, leading to a fierce competition that culminates in a high-stakes showdown. The top 12 racers battle it out in the finals and semifinals, vying for a prestigious spot in Upland lore and on the Upland Championship Circuit leaderboard.


Max Performance Score

This season, we're shaking things up by introducing the Max Performance Score (MPS) system, moving away from traditional car class-based leaderboards. 

This fresh feature marks an exciting advancement, opening the door to a host of dynamic racing elements. Every car is now assigned a Performance Score, and races will feature a set MPS limit. This means participants can choose any vehicle for a race, provided it doesn't exceed the race's MPS cap

For this season a car's performance score is the sole factor in this calculation, but soon, race consumables will also play a part, adding a new layer of strategy and personalization to how you race. 

For example, in races with a 200 MPS limit, racers will have two main strategic paths. One option will be to choose a high-performance car that uses the full 200 MPS, harnessing maximum speed and power for track dominance. Alternatively, opting for a car with a lower Performance Score, say 150, leaves space for the future incorporation of consumables. Although consumables are not yet in play, they will add to your performance score. The prospect of utilizing them for things like boosts or improved handling introduces a thrilling layer of strategy. 

This approach will encourage racers to balance raw car performance with potential tactical enhancements, making the race experience in Upland more dynamic and strategic, even before consumables officially hit the track.

This season, as we prepare to roll out consumables, our focus will be on leveraging the MPS system to shape the leaderboard standings. This approach promises to deliver a racing experience that is both more nuanced and engaging, highlighting the strategic depth of Upland's racing dynamics.

Blossom Racing Season Details

Start Date: Thursday, April 4th at 9 AM PT

End Date: Wednesday, May 15th at 9 AM PT

Blossom Championship Series Finals: Friday, May 17th at 11:30 AM PT

MPS Leaderboards Car Classes

  • 175 - 226 (Upland Championship Circuit) 
  • 153 - 160  
  • 134 - 152 
  • 90 - 132
  • Karts

MPS Leaderboards cater to a wide range of racers, with multiple opportunities to participate and win. Players are able to participate and win on multiple leaderboards. 

The Point System

Players will only be able to gain points on each of the leaderboards by participating in public multiplayer races with stakes. Only public races will count towards points on the leaderboards. Below is how you earn points throughout the Blossom season for each of the leaderboards. 

Only public races involving three or more real-life participants will be eligible for points during the season.

Multiplayer Races

Participating in public multiplayer races with stakes will earn you the following points, regardless of what position you finish. 

  • Race against 2 other real players +1 point
  • Race against 3 other real players + 3 points
  • Race  against 4 other real players: +5 points
  • Race against 5 other real players: +10 points

Points for Staking 

Players who stake more win more. This holds true for our season races as well. There are 4 levels of race for stakes players can choose from to earn points during the season.

1,500 UPX Staked Per Player

1st Place: 5 points

2nd Place: 3 points

3rd Place: 2 points

5,000 UPX Staked Per Player  

1st Place: 15 points

2nd Place: 11 points

3rd Place: 7 points

10,000 UPX Staked Per Player

1st Place: 25 points

2nd Place: 18 points

3rd Place: 12 points

15,000 UPX Staked Per Player  

1st Place: 50 points

2nd Place: 30 points

3rd Place: 20 points

‍Again, only public races with stakes with at least 3 or more real players will be eligible for leaderboard points. Races outside these amounts won't qualify for multiplayer or staking points. Additionally, all community fees will be added to the prize pool for the leaderboard victors.

Leaderboards will close on Wednesday, May 15th, at 9 AM PT, with the leading 10 racers on each leaderboard being awarded prizes.

‍The top 12 from the Championship Series leaderboard (176-226 MPS)  will advance to the finals on Friday, May 17th, at 11:30 AM PT. This round will feature two semi-final races followed by a final race to determine the winners.

These top performers will earn points for the Upland Championship Circuit leaderboard and will help determine who will participate in the Champions Circuit Finals during Genesis Week (more details below).

Each season's finals will unfold at an iconic Upland monument, this season the Blossom Season Monument speedway in NYC will host the finals. The Upland Racing League will host and broadcast the finals, showcasing the pinnacle of Upland's racing landscape.

Rules for Finals

  • 12 racers in 2 heats of 6 will try to qualify for the finals.
  • Finals Heats are determined by finishing place. 
  • Odd numbers, 1,3,5,7,9,11 will drive in heat 1
  • Even Numbers, 2,4,6,8,10,12 will drive in heat 2 
  • Each race will include a qualifying lap to determine starting positions. 
  • Top 3 finishers from each heat will move on to the final 
  • A qualifying lap will determine finalists starting positions. 
  • In the event someone errors out of the race in the heat races, players can try to rejoin, if unable to control their car on a rejoin, then players are given the place that they finish with the driverless car ( likely last in the heat)
  • ‍If a player errors out on the final race, then they are given the 6th place spot in the final, if more than one person errors out, then it will be based on the driverless car finishing time to determine who will get the higher place in the standings.


The top 10 racers in each leaderboard will receive prizes ranging from UPX to Spark, with special badges for Championship Series (176-226 MPS) top three finishers. These rewards not only recognize achievement but also fuel the competitive spirit of Upland's racing community.


1st Place

Players achieving the coveted 1st Place in their vehicle class finals will receive:

  • 150,000 UPX
  • 0.25 Spark

2nd Place

Those clinching 2nd Place in their vehicle class finals will be recognized with:

  • 100,000 UPX
  • 0.15 Spark

3rd Place

Racers securing 3rd Place in their vehicle class finals will earn:

  • 75,000 UPX
  • 0.1 Spark

4th to 10th Place

Players finishing between 4th to 10th Place in their vehicle class finals will enjoy:

  • 50,000 UPX
  • .05 Spark

The Quest for the Crown: Upland Championship Circuit 

The Upland Championship Circuit stands as the pinnacle of racing achievement, an annual celebration that crowns the ultimate champion of the tracks. Competitors can only ascend this leaderboard by securing a top 12 finish in each seasonal series, making every race a critical step towards glory.

Each year the Upland Championship Circuit will culminate with a final race during Genesis week! This race will pit the top ranked racers who’ve accumulated the most points on the official championship circuit leaderboard against each other. 

The Current Championship Circuit Standings:

Champions Circuit Point Structure:

The following points are awarded to the top racers at the end of each season:

1st Place: 30 points

2nd Place: 25 points

3rd Place: 20 points

4th Place: 18 points

5th Place: 15 points

6th Place: 12 points

7th Place: 10 points

8th Place: 8 points

9th Place: 6 points

10th Place: 4 points

11th Place: 2 points

12th Place: 1 point


As Genesis Week approaches, we'll reveal the prizes that await the champions. These rewards will be the most coveted and valuable, reserved for the top victors. Keep an eye out for more information coming soon.

Closing Thoughts

As we race towards the Blossom Championship Series Finals, remember that this season is not just about the competition; it's about shaping the future of racing in Upland. Gear up, get ready, and let's make this Blossom 2024 Racing Season in Upland one for the history books

The race is on!

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