February 1, 2024

Upland's Frost Season Ornament Challenge: Celebrate The Chill!

As the Frost season begins, it's time for Upland players to get into the spirit with our exciting Frost Ornament Challenge!

This is your chance to showcase your collection prowess and adorn your properties with beautiful Frost season ornaments. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer, this challenge is a perfect way to celebrate the season and win some incredible prizes.

Open to all Frost season ornaments, both past and present, the challenge invites participants to place these ornaments on properties within any completed collection.

Each ornament placed on a property within a collection will garner players 1 point, only properties in completed collections will count.

Players will be categorized based on their Upland Status, with each status group having its own exclusive leaderboard. This means you'll be competing against others who are at the same level as you, ensuring a fair and exciting competition for players at all levels

The leaderboards

  • Uplander 
  • Pro 
  • Director
  • Executive
  • Chief Executive

Additionally, the challenge features weekly giveaways with snapshots taken every Thursday to identify the weekly winners! The climax of the challenge will be marked by the final snapshot on March 15, from which the season's winners will be determined.


Weekly: Thursdays, 9 - 10 AM PT

Season: March 15th, 9 AM PT


This challenge offers both weekly and seasonal prizes, providing multiple opportunities for participants to win rewards.

Weekly: 10 players will be randomly chosen from the top 50 on each leaderboard, and will win 0.05 spark. Players can win in multiple weeks.

Season: Players who rank in the top 25 for the season on each leaderboard will receive the following prizes.

First Place: A unique badge and an exclusive Beverly Hills property.

Top 10: Entered into a drawing to win a rare Landmark.

Top 25: Receive the Frost Season Block Explorer.

Gamified Yield Update

This season will also mark the beginning of the introduction of Gamified Yield.

To achieve their maximum yield from next season onwards, players will be required to complete specific tasks.

For the current season, the existing yield rates will remain unchanged. However, get ready because there will be some tasks players will need to complete this season in order to start next season with maximum yield!

More details about this feature will be released shortly, as the mechanic is expected to be launched very soon. We will make an announcement with all the details as soon as it does. Stay tuned! 

Upcoming: New Frost Ornaments

Stay tuned for the second half of Frost season, as we will be unveiling new Frost season ornaments! For the first time ever, these will be available through an exclusive sale for Ornament shop owners, with a purchasing mechanism akin to our recent cars and block explorer bundles.

Current In-Game Frost Ornaments

  • Ara Ketu; Carnaval 2023
  • Carnaval das Elites; Carnaval 2023
  • Carnival Queen; Carnaval 2023
  • Curupira; Carnaval 2023
  • Flight of the Carnival; Carnaval 2023
  • Folia dos Africanos; Carnaval 2023
  • Futbol Fever; Carnaval 2023
  • Primal Party Prince; Carnaval 2023
  • Renovação do Timbal; Carnaval 2023
  • Son of the Carnival; Carnaval 2023
  • The Big Band; Carnaval 2023
  • The Great Beach Party; Carnaval 2023

Ready, Set, Decorate!

It's time to dive into the Frost Season Ornament Challenge! Strategize, decorate, and climb those leaderboards. With fantastic prizes and a fun, festive atmosphere, this season in Upland is set to be an exciting one.

Good luck, Uplanders, and let the Frost Season fun begin!

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