January 25, 2024

Upland's Seasonal Update: Structured, Engaging, and More Immersive

As we continue to enhance the Upland experience, we're excited to introduce a revamped structure for our seasons. These changes are designed to add consistency and engagement to your journey through Upland. Let's start by unveiling the newly defined seasons:

Frost: A winter-themed season.

Blossom: Symbolizing renewal and new beginnings.

Genesis: Celebrating Upland's anniversary.

Sizzle: Capturing the essence of summer.

Harvest: A time for reaping rewards.

Wonderland: A season filled with holiday festivities.

Season Duration and Breaks

We are implementing a structured schedule with 6 seasons. Each Upland season will commence on the 1st of the month and conclude on the 15th of the following month, followed by a brief intermission before the next season starts. This new schedule offers the community a more consistent and predictable framework, streamlining the seasonal transitions.

Seasons as a Foundation for Dynamic Content and Engagement

The introduction of our updated seasonal structure is not just a change in timing; it's a foundational shift towards enriching the entire gameplay experience. Seasons now become the central theme around which events, city openings, future gamification features, and more will revolve. This structure ensures a continuous stream of fresh content, heightened engagement, and diverse experiences for our community.

Ornaments and Seasonal Rewards

In Upland, with ornaments available year-round, each season presents a special opportunity for players. When players decorate their structures with the appropriate ornaments for the current season, they will become eligible for a variety of seasonal rewards and prizes.

This aspect of the game not only introduces an element of strategy but also infuses the world of Upland with a dynamic and ever-changing aesthetic, reflecting the spirit of each season. 

Note: Any ornaments currently in production or under review will be modified to align with the revamped seasons

Introducing Gamified UPX Earnings and Missions

Upland will soon introduce a new feature: gamified UPX Earnings.This feature will become a key element of each season, enhancing the gaming experience for all players.

This feature will bring a series of missions related to property development and engaging in-game activities. To achieve the maximum earning percentage on your properties, players will need to complete these missions.

Gamified yield is specifically designed to reward players who are consistently active and fully engaged in the game. We'll provide more details on this engaging, season-based feature as its launch approaches.

Dynamic Activities During Season Breaks

The breaks between seasons in Upland are set to become periods of unique engagement. We're looking at a range of activities, such as things like layer 2 challenges, to ensure these intervals are as captivating as the seasons themselves.

These breaks will provide diverse experiences and fresh ways to connect with the Upland community as well as giving players time to prepare for the next season. 

Monuments and MV Motors Racing

Upland is enhancing its seasonal gameplay with the introduction of official MV Motors race events. Scheduled to happen in each season, these events are set to add a new level of thrilling competition to the game.

We’re also thrilled to soon introduce Monuments, a major new feature that will bring the world's most iconic landmarks into Upland. These are incredibly rare, and exceptionally unique.

These Monuments will be more than just iconic landmarks; they will host the official circuits for Upland's racing events. They will also have additional unique features which will be announced in the near future.

We look forward to sharing more details about this exciting development in the near future, so stay tuned for updates!

Get Excited

As we implement these changes, our goal remains to create a more dynamic, engaging, and enjoyable experience for all Uplanders. We're excited to see how these updates enhance your adventures and interactions within the Upland metaverse.

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