March 27, 2024

Welcome to Upland's First-Ever Eggventure Legit Easter Celebration!

Spring is here, and with it, Upland proudly introduces a brand-new event that's sure to add an extra layer of excitement to your Upland experience: the Eggventure Legit Easter Celebration. For the first time in Upland, players will embark on a unique adventure, hunting for special eggs that unlock exclusive rewards.

In this inaugural Easter event, players have the opportunity to collect unique eggs. But these aren't just any eggs - they're your ticket to obtaining an exclusive Easter go-kart! 

The Easter Bundle

When you acquire an Easter bundle in Upland, you're greeted with Easter Egg Legits, each bundle containing one unique egg out of six possible types. But these eggs are not merely for collection; they hold potential treasures within. 

By choosing to burn your Easter Egg Legits, you unveil the hidden rewards inside, ranging from the charming Eggllama to the highly sought-after Property Legit Card. Once the Easter eggs are received in their wallets, players can immediately proceed to burn them. 

Property Legits

With only 24 available, the Property Legit Card is your golden ticket to luxury. Burn this card to claim a Beverly Hills Collection Property, which will be directly transferred to your asset wallet after the event's burn deadline. The burn deadline is Friday April 5th, 9 AM PT

The Charm of Eggllamas

Eggllamas aren't just cute; they're key to unlocking an even bigger prize. Collect and burn three unique Eggllamas to get your hands on a special, rare Easter Go-Kart. After players burn their Eggllamas, the type of kart they receive is determined by a random selection process from two available versions (different colors). Eggllamas will become available for burning starting Friday, March 29th.

Bundle Sale Details 

Registration Opens: Wednesday, March 27th, at 8 AM PT

Sale Starts: Thursday, March 28th, at 9 AM PT

Limited Availability: Only 900 bundles available

Price: $13 each

All go-karts and properties will be delivered to the winners' wallets after the burn deadline, which is Friday April 5th at 9am PT. Winners will be announced in the #EventWinners channel in-game chat, so keep your eyes peeled!

Ready to start your Eggventure? Let the hunt begin!


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