June 25, 2021

The West Coast Building Venture

The West Coast Building Venture

Starting today, we are launching a series of initiatives to expand property development on the West Coast!

This includes…

  • The Upland Replica Model Contest
  • New Home Models
  • Spark Sales in the Upland store
  • The West Coast Luxury Home Competition
  • Expansion of Property Development to All Cities on the West Coast!

Details on the above will be revealed later today!

Upland Replica Model Contest

Wouldn’t it be cool to own a replica of your favorite property in the metaverse? Well, now’s your shot! From June 25th to July 9th, players can submit their own custom 3D models to be considered for the Upland metaverse!

Contest Rules

  1. Models must be built in Blender.
  2. Models should match the physical building in the real world — “in real life”.
  3. Participants must own the property in Upland that they wish to replicate.
  4. Models can not exceed 9 floors.
  5. Models can have up to 1 exterior structure.
  6. Models should be limited to 10,000 polygons.
  7. The contest winner must be willing to work with Upland’s creative team to finalize the creative.
  8. Models must follow the guidelines which are outlined in the sample materials below.

Download Sample Materials

Note: This contest is for ‘exterior design’ only, no need to include details to the inside of these models. Replica models are not Landmarks.

Our goal is to have our community involved in the actual design and development of the Upland metaverse! Success in this contest will likely lead to more opportunities for community involvement in the future.

We also encourage all participants to submit their model designs to the #3dmodel-contest channel in Discord to show off their hard work to the community!


Submissions will be judged by the Upland Team, and 3 lucky winners will have an opportunity to work with the Design team to have their models integrated into the Upland Metaverse! Each winner will also earn the “Architect Badge”.

Note: Replicas that are integrated into Upland will be exclusive to that specific property.

Submitting a Model

Once players have finalized their models, they can submit the source files here. Be sure to follow the guidelines included in this form and to accept the terms and conditions.

We can’t wait to see what our incredible community comes up with!

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