September 27, 2021

World Tourism Day: Traverse the Metaverse!

Hey Uplanders!

In celebration of World Tourism Day next Monday, September 27th, we will be opening up some of our favorite past tours in Upland. Each day will feature a different tour that has previously run, so if you’ve missed a tour in the past, this is your chance!

The World Tourism Day Challenge

Players who participate in tours during World Tourism Week will be eligible for exclusive rewards! There will be 2 different versions of block explorers that players can earn, as well as the opportunity to qualify for a Spark giveaway. 

The “Passport” Block Explorer

Complete at least 3 tours throughout the week to earn the “Passport” Block Explorer.

The “Fanny Pack” Block Explorer

Complete all 5 tours throughout the week to earn the “Fanny Pack” Block Explorer.

Note: Players who have completed these tours in the past will not have to repeat them. Players will, however, have to complete any tours they have not done in the past. 

Spark Giveaway

In addition to the exclusive rewards above, players who participate in World Tourism Week will have an opportunity to qualify for a Spark Giveaway, where 20 lucky players will be the recipients of .1 Spark each! Just complete the requirements below and submit the form to qualify.

How to Qualify:

  • Travel to 1 City
  • Complete 1 Tour
  • Share your favorite city in the world that you’d like to see in Upland in the #world-tourism-challenge Discord channel.
  • Click Here and complete the form.

Schedule of Tours

Tours will be opened on a rolling basis throughout the week, with each tour having 3 instances with separate registration, start, and end times. This means you may have to be careful with your timing of registering for tours, as missing the same window the following day may cause you to miss out on a tour. See below for a complete breakdown of the tour schedules.

Tour Locations:
San Francisco Love Tour | San Francisco
A Hero is Drawn Tour | Manhattan
The Chicago Mob Tour | Chicago
San Francisco Landmark Tour | San Francisco
World War I Memorial Tour | Manhattan

Note: Players will be unable to earn the original rewards (such as block explorers) for these tours.

How to Participate

  1. Head into the Upland app and click on the menu at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Click on “treasures” and select the tour you’d like to register for in the Menu. (Note: Make sure to select the relevant city in the bottom left-hand corner of the Treasure menu)
  3. Once the tour goes live, you will be able to return to this screen to begin the tour! 

All tours will cost 2,000 UPX to register, and registered participants will reclaim ~100% of their registration fees throughout the tour.

Can’t wait for you guys to enjoy all these little adventures in Upland!

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