November 23, 2022

Applications for Outdoor Decor Showrooms are Open!

Now’s your chance to own your very own Outdoor Decor Showroom! We are officially opening up applications for Outdoor Decor Showroom Metaventures to allow players to trade their existing Outdoor Decor items. To apply, you must complete the application below and meet the minimum requirements to launch a Metaventure.

Outdoor Decor Showrooms

Outdoor Decor Showrooms allow players to trade Outdoor Decor assets in their very own Metaventures. For now, players will only be able to list their owned assets for Sale; listed items will be immediately available for purchase by any shopper. In the future, however, we will enable the Sub-Merchant feature that allows the owner to list items on behalf of other players by request. Additionally, the newly launched “reservation” feature will allow Showroom owners to put an item for sale and reserve it for a specific player.

Metaventure Applications for Showrooms

Starting today, anyone can apply for an Outdoor Decor Showroom Metaventure as long as they meet all criteria below. 

Requirements include: 

  • Completing KYC identity verification with Tilia (found in Settings).
  • Construction complete (as of application submission) on any size Showroom (Small, Medium, or Large). Exact inventory maximums to be shared on application form.
  • Willing to begin paying monthly Venture Dues (Upland's dynamic model of operating fees), after the first full month of being opened. 
  • Owning a minimum of six (6) Outdoor Decor items when submitting your application. We will verify this and qualify applicants based on the asset volume at that time. If planning to acquire more but do not have them at the time of application, please wait to submit.
  • Player owns the property, it is not listed for sale, in a swap offer, or set as a home address.
  • The Metaventure name submitted in the application does not include “Upland” or any other IP.
  • Player status must be Uplander or higher.
  • Player is not in Alcatraz.

Currently, there is no set launch date for these Metaventures to go live, we are simply accepting applications at this point. However, applying and meeting all above criteria puts you in a position to be among the first with this type of Metaventure soon. 

Head to your neighborhood City Hall to apply for a Showroom!

Tip: Learn more about Metaventures and the application process before applying.

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