August 19, 2022

Calling All Uplanders! Metaventure Applications are Open

After months of closed-beta testing with a small group of players, Metaventures for Block Explorer Shops, NFLPA Fan Shops, Football Fan Shops, Car Showrooms, and Outdoor Decor Showrooms are all now available to Upland players around the world.

Currently, there are over 140 live Metaventures in Upland, increasing each week. Joining the Metaventure Program opens the possibility for more players who meet specific requirements to launch their own Metaventures inside Upland. Player-run shops (“Metaventures”) have always been an important part of Upland’s development, as they’re critical to Upland’s player-driven economy. In-game shops also give cities and neighborhoods more vibrancy. Now, players will have more reasons to stay close to their Upland neighborhood to shop local! 

Opening Metaventures to all is a major milestone, and we’re excited to see many more players become entrepreneurs through Metaventures. 

Metaventure Application Details

Players will be able to apply for a Metaventure at any time. There are no limits on how many shops a player can apply for, as long as the player meets the requirements to run a Metaventure. Keep in mind that each Metaventure will be subject to individual Venture Dues.

The goal is to open new Metaventures in batches released twice per month. The amount of new shops opened will depend on how many applicants meet the eligibility criteria and application processing time. Shop applications are reviewed individually, and the time it takes to review applications will (likely) be different for every application. 

Once approved, players can open a Block Explorer Shop or a NFLPA Fan Shop. Please keep in mind that each shop is subject to Venture Dues once per month, which are payable through shop settings. 

Head to your neighborhood City Hall to apply for a Metaventure!

Uplanders can apply to open a Metaventure in any city as long as they meet the requirements listed below. Please keep in mind that a Metaventure’s maximum inventory capacity will vary per structure type. The larger the structure, the more inventory allowed in a shop. Additional details regarding inventory per structure type coming soon.

Metaventure Application Requirements

  1. Completing KYC identity verification with Tilia (found in Settings).
  2. Construction complete (as of the time of application submission). No factories, landmarks, or micro houses may be used.
  3. Willing to begin paying monthly Venture Dues (Upland’s dynamic model of operating fees), after the first full month of being opened.
  4. Owning a minimum number of assets when submitting the application. This number varies per Metaventure type and is stated on the application form. We will verify this and qualify applicants based on the asset volume at that time. If planning to acquire more but do not have them at the time of application, please wait to submit.
  5. The Metaventure name submitted in the application does not include “Upland” or any other IP.
  6. Applicants must submit three (3) shop background images after applying.
  7. Player status must be Uplander or higher.
  8. Player is not in Alcatraz.

What are Metaventures? 

Metaventures are player-owned and operated shops in the Upland metaverse. In the closed Block Explorer Shop Beta held back in January, a handful of players launched shops and even created store logos that they displayed inside the app. The same goes for NFLPA Fan Shops, which had its own closed testing in February. In these stores, players can sell their own inventory or act as “sub-merchants” that list another player’s items for sale. 

If you’re looking for more information on Metaventures, feel free to check out our short Metaventures explainer video and our Metaventures page. The web page also lists the current Block Explorer Shops and NFLPA Fan Shops in each city.

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