November 4, 2022

Be Heard at the UIP-1 Community Town Hall!

With the Upland Improvement Proposal for the Upland economy (aka UIP-1) coming soon, it’s important to not only educate the Upland community, but to listen to questions and create a dialogue. That’s why Upland is hosting the first Community Town Hall on Tuesday, November 8 at 12 PM PT! 

Hosted in Discord and viewable live on YouTube, this Town Hall gives every Upland player the chance to ask their questions, voice their opinions, and get answers from Upland Co-Founders Idan Zuckerman and Dirk Lueth! 

Community Town Hall Details

The Upland Community Town Hall is formatted like a real town hall assembly. On the “stage” we’ll have Idan and Dirk discussing economic proposal in front of a live audience. They’ll cover how the economic proposal would benefit the Upland economy and ecosystem, and why it’s important to pivot from the original plan outlined in the 2019 whitepaper. Those joining in Discord have the chance to take the stage to ask questions, raise concerns, or advocate for the proposal if the choose. 

Event start: Tuesday, November 8 at 12 PM PT

Event end: Tuesday, November 8 at 1 PM PT

Click here to join on Discord

Click here to join on YouTube

This Community Town Hall is all about having the players’ voices heard and giving everyone a chance to express their thoughts. So join! 

What Is UIP-1? 

If you haven’t heard about UIP-1, this is our first major vote that will determine funding mechanisms for the Upland Pool moving forward. We originally described the proposal back in August in our Economic Update post, and recently we’ve asked the community to read the article on Reddit and join the conversation. 

As a quick recap, UIP-1 is a proposed change to the funding mechanism of the Upland Pool, with the goal of better protecting the long-term health of the Upland economy. If you’re not already aware, the Upland Pool is Uplandme Inc.’s primary mechanism for funding the ongoing development of the Upland platform. In other words, Uplandme Inc. sells UPX to fund operations. We highly recommend reading the Reddit article linked above

The vote takes place directly in Upland. Players who have completed KYC identity verification and established an Upland Home Address can participate in voting. If you haven’t met these requirements, please take the time to complete KYC and set a home address. And don’t forget, doing these things also allows you to do more in Upland such as collect Spark Treasures and compete in neighborhood challenges! 

We’ll See You There! 

Everyone wants Upland to succeed, and everyone wants Upland to be the metaverse where everyone can have fun and earn real value while doing it. UIP-1 is a critical moment in Upland’s history, and ultimately it’ll be determined by the players. So we encourage every player, from Upland to Pro to Chief Executive, to join the Community Town Hall on the Upland Discord to get ready for the big vote! 

(And if you’re an Upland Visitor, please join! But you won’t be able to vote until reaching at least Uplander status.)

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