August 11, 2022

Upland Home Addresses: The Beginning of Community Governance

They say that home is where the heart is, and we couldn’t agree more. As a major stepping stone to community governance and making Upland more engaging, players can now set one of their existing properties as their Upland Home Address. 

Upland Home Addresses give every player a place to hang their hat after a long day of treasure hunting, car racing, and property grabbing. But it’s much more than that. Friends, jobs, hobbies, culture, politics, are tied to where we live. So while we’re only getting started with Home Addresses in Upland, this is the first step toward a grander vision of a real-world metaverse. 

Plant your flag. Meet neighbors. Build a community. And get ready to make history! 

Upland Home Address Details

Upland Home Addresses are great for those who want to set roots down and start building a virtual community inside Upland. This is a natural addition to the cities you know and love. 

Back in June we forecasted the first mechanics for community governance. Having an address and a neighborhood opens doors for players to take part in mechanics that allow players to directly impact the people and places they love. This includes voting of course. Also, the amount of registered Home Addresses in a neighborhood will play a significant role in neighborhood rating scores. 

Setting Up an Upland Home Address 

Claiming an Upland Home Address is simple: Players go into their profile; select the button to set their Home Address, choose an eligible property, and you’re good to go! 

Here are important details about Upland Home Addresses:

  • Only one Upland Home Address per player.
  • Players must have Uplander status or higher.
  • Players must pass the know-your-customer (KYC) identity verification.
  • A Home Address must have a residential structure with living units. 
  • Properties with non-residential structures like factories cannot be Home Addresses.
  • Properties with Metaventures cannot be a Home Address.
  • Upland Home Addresses can’t be swapped or listed for sale.
  • Players may change their Upland Home Address infinitely.
  • After changing an address, there is a 24-hour waiting period before changing again.
  • After changing an address, there is a 30-day cooldown before the player can vote in their new neighborhood. 

Players are welcome to change their Home Address for any reason and can do so after the cooldown. Deleting a Home Address is also possible if a player doesn’t wish to have one. Changing or deleting a Home Address doesn’t require players to be within range of the property. 

Neighborhood Profile Pics

There’s nothing wrong with a little hometown pride, and the new profile pics are a perfect way to represent your Upland neighborhood. These images are configurable, downloadable files players can use outside the Upland app. The file includes a Block Explorer atop an image of a neighborhood and a background color. 

Important details: 

  • Players can change the Block Explorer foreground and background color for infinite configurations.
  • There are 45 background colors currently available.
  • The profile pics download as 1024 x 1024 PNG files.
  • Players can download a profile pic every time they change their Upland Home Address. 

Profile pics are available to download in the app as soon as a Home Address is confirmed. Feel free to upload neighborhood profile pics to social media, community channels, or anywhere else to fly your Upland colors!  

Micro Houses Come to Upland

What happens if your favorite property is too small for a residential structure? Meet the Micro House, a small residential structure with big dreams – available for construction today! 

Here are the particulars for Micro Houses:

  • Living units: 1
  • Size: ~5 UP2. 
  • Dimensions: ~5 meters wide, ~9 meters long
  • Minimum Spark to begin Constructions: 0.05
  • Maximum Spark: 24
  • Spark Hours to Build: 500

Now Uplanders can fit a home in smaller parcels than ever before. However, Micro Houses do not support Metaventures – it’s just the essentials for residential life for these miniature pads. 

Making Upland Feel Like a (Virtual) Home

With Upland Home Addresses, players become more than treasure-seeking city dwellers or real estate sharks building empires. They’re neighbors working together. When in-app voting is available, neighborhoods will govern the look, feel, mechanics, and economic outcomes of their slice of Upland. 

Get ready for community governance by moving into your metaverse neighborhood today! And if you’re out of sugar, just ask a neighbor!

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