March 22, 2023

Cha-Ching! Introducing Creator Royalties for Upland’s UGC

Be it collecting assets, running a Metaventure, hunting for treasure, or participating in other activities, Upland is an ecosystem of opportunity for everyone. Following this, Upland is developing new creator royalties, which provide an opportunity for the growing User-Generated Content (UGC) community to earn UPX for their creations.

These creator royalties will send a percentage of UPX from secondary-market transactions in Showrooms directly to the UGC creator (aka manufacturer). Passive, sustained royalty streams are a breakthrough for digital designers who have struggled to monetize and protect their IP on the Internet, and Upland is proud to bring much-deserved royalties to the metaverse. 

Upland is the perfect place for UGC, because each item can be utilized by third-party developers through Upland’s Community Dev Tools. This creates more meaningful experiences that add value to both the creator and the broader community. 

These creator royalties are just the beginning as additional royalty pathways are in the works. It’s time for designers to let their creativity go wild! 

Learn more about the new creator royalties, and join us in celebrating this big win for Upland’s UGC creators!

UGC Creator Royalty Details

Every transaction in a Metaventure Showroom comes with a 5% transaction fee. This fee sends UPX to the Community Pool, which is used to fund various activities and rewards such as Treasure Hunts. The new creator royalties reallocate 2.5% of this 5% transaction fee directly to the UGC creator. 

The “creator” is the manufacturer who produced the item in an Upland Factory. Distributing creator royalties in this way provides valuable UPX for creators without imposing an additional tax on purchasers. 

Creator royalties apply to UGC Structure Ornaments and Outdoor Decor sold in Metaventure Showrooms on the secondary market. When royalties roll out, they will be distributed to creators on a monthly basis. Any manufactured UGC Structure Ornaments and Outdoor Decor – past, present, and future – generate these royalties. And royalties apply to transactions over an asset’s lifetime – providing sustained UPX royalties for the creator! 

The Beginning of Something Beautiful 

The new creator royalties are all about supporting the UGC community and making Upland an exciting place for designers to join. As such, Uplandme, Inc. receives no funding from creator royalties; 100% of the UPX royalties go to the creator. 

Initially, the UGC creators will collect royalties for Structure Ornaments and Outdoor Decor. In the future, there will be more types of UGC, and these assets will also be eligible for creator royalties. 

Also, new earning methods may be on the way to raise the UGC community’s earning potential. For example, as a discretionary fee that creators control may be added in the future. 

Three cheers for Upland’s UGC community and all the amazing assets hitting the metaverse. Keep the creativity flowing and cash in on creator royalties! 

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