September 15, 2022

Community Dev Tools Bring a New Era to Upland

The next era of Upland has officially arrived. With the introduction of Community Dev Tools, developers can connect their third-party experiences to the Upland platform. 

Extending the Upland ecosystem via third-party applications is a true game changer. New activities will pop up all over cities, giving users infinite reasons to explore Upland and utilize their assets. 

The Community Dev Tools are here, today, for Upland Developer Network (UDN) members. What does this mean for users? Read on to learn more and jump on the hype train. 

To celebrate this milestone moment, we are launching a Terraformer Block Explorer! Be on the lookout for more information soon! 

What are Community Dev Tools? 

In short, Community Dev Tools empower third-party developers to connect with Upland using simple REST APIs. This deployment method allows players to connect to third-party experiences while letting creators use the programming tools and game engines they love. Players have access to virtually limitless third-party content and developers can tap into the Upland ecosystem. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

The Community Dev Tools are openly available to UDN members, and UDN applications are open for anyone that wants to apply. If you have a killer idea, we want you to bring it to life with us. Upland is rebuilding the world, after all. 

With Community Dev Tools, it’s open game for creators to incorporate Upland’s cities, economy, and digital assets into their creations. Best of all, creators don’t need any blockchain or web3 experience. If they can build it, they can connect it to Upland with Community Dev Tools. This includes 2D, 3D, and even virtual reality (VR) experiences. Developers don’t even need to build something new for Upland – we encourage them to launch existing games and other programs. Bring it on! 

What’s the Experience Like in Upland? 

There are infinite possibilities, and that’s not just marketing speak. One developer could launch a full-blown video game in Upland. Another could open a movie theater or a venue for virtual concerts. These are just a few examples of course.

Community Dev Tools allow developers to implement Upland digital assets into their creations. If a developer utilizes Upland items, users must grant permission for the application to access those items before the experience begins. This is optional, as developers can connect just about any experience they want. But they have the flexibility to incorporate Block Explorers, UPX, Spark, etc. For example, a race car game can use Metaverse Motors (MV Motors) vehicles. 

Crowdfunding mechanisms are also in play. In these experiences, the developer will host a “pay-to-play” lobby where participants put their UPX into a pot and the rewards are split at the end of the experience.

Introducing Dev Shops

Upland created a new system of stores specifically for third-party developers called Dev Shops. Players will need to be in the vicinity of Dev Shops to interact with them and can Send their Block Explorers directly to these locations. Users can find Dev Shops in Upland neighborhoods by looking for the purple icon inside the app. 

What’s Next for Dev Shops and Community Dev Tools? 

Up to this point, Upland mechanics focused mainly on collecting properties, Legits, Block Explorers, UPX, etc. Now with Community Dev Tools, the scope of the Upland experience is truly up to the community and developers. This milestone establishes Upland as a powerful metaverse platform. 

There’s much more to come! We will continue incremental updates in the weeks and months ahead as we collect feedback, polish the experience, and release new features. As Upland grows as a platform and more creators join the UDN, Community Dev Tools will grow to keep the creativity flowing! 

What experiences get you excited? Join the UDN. Join the conversation on Reddit, and be on the lookout for Dev Shops and third-party experiences coming to an Upland city near you soon!

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