February 1, 2023

Help Build Upland’s Susan G. Komen® Headquarters, Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer

[UPDATE 3.3.23]

We’re proud to announce that the three Susan G. Komen® headquarters in Upland’s Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas are open! These fresh structures give players access to vital information regarding breast cancer and early detection. Upland is proud to partner with Komen and help everyone start their breast health journey in the metaverse. 

The headquarters direct players to vital Susan G. Komen® self-awareness messages, covering breast cancer risk factors, screenings, symptoms, healthy lifestyle choices, and more.   

The metaverse can be more than a game or distraction – it can be a place that improves your real life. Head to a Komen HQ in Upland today to learn more! 

Chicago HQ: 2451 W GUNNISON ST

Dallas HQ: 2101 N CARROLL AVE

Los Angeles HQ: 17533 DEVONSHIRE ST

Thank you to everyone who staked Spark to help build these structures! Stay tuned for more from Susan G. Komen® as we continue working together to beat breast cancer.


The best way to beat cancer is early detection. As part of our ongoing mission to support the fight against breast cancer, we want to make sure our community has access to information and resources from our amazing partner Susan G. Komen® – the world’s leading breast cancer organization. Access to these resources in the metaverse can make a difference in early detection! 

We are not waiting for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to come around in October to achieve this goal. To start the year strong, Upland’s fantastic community has a new way to support Komen and join the battle against breast cancer – starting with access to information and education. Beginning today, February 1, players will be able to stake Spark at three new Susan G. Komen headquarters in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas. The headquarters will be used as gateways for information and resources that may help with early detection. 

This is the community’s chance to grab a (digital) shovel and build the foundation of Upland’s battle against breast cancer. Read on to learn how to join the fight! 

Susan G. Komen® Headquarters Project Details

Between the races, walks, and fundraisers, there are plenty of meaningful ways to help battle breast cancer. In Upland, taking up this fight has taken a different form thanks to our partnership with the Susan G. Komen® organization. For example, there was the Susan G. Komen® Block Explorer Fundraiser last October. 

This new project is your chance to take part in Upland history – to be one of the people that can say they helped cut the ribbon on a new way to beat breast cancer in the metaverse! Starting today, February 1, players who allocate Spark to one of theKomen headquarters will boost construction speed. By doing this, players are directly helping to bring resources and new energy to the fight against breast cancer. 

Here’s what the buildings will look like: 

Once completed, the towers will stand tall against breast cancer in three major Upland cities – helping to build awareness forKomen’s mission and programs. From these HQs, players can jump directly to resource pages and other materials that provide education on ways to prevent breast cancer. 

How to Help 

Any player can Stake Spark, and even contributions as small as 0.01 helps! The headquarter addresses are: 

Chicago: 2451 W GUNNISON ST

Dallas: 2101 N CARROLL AVE

Los Angeles: 17533 DEVONSHIRE ST

It’s easy to participate. Here’s how: 

  • Find one of the addresses above using Upland’s search tool.
  • Open the property’s details.
  • Look for the construction bar in the property card to allocate Spark to the project. 

No travel is necessary to stake Spark! And just like any other Spark project, players get their staked Spark back after completing the project. 

If you’re newer to Upland, you can use our guide to learn more about Spark and property development. 

Don’t wait for October to do your part. Players can jump in anytime to contribute Spark, so get going! Now is the perfect time to put some Spark down to help a great organization break ground in the metaverse and beat breast cancer.

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