December 4, 2023

Miami's Grand Unveiling in Upland: A New Era of Engagement and Excitement!

[UPDATE 12.13.23] - Miami Collections have been revealed and should appear in app shortly.

Miami Collections

We are excited to announce the following list of collections for the Miami opening. 

Miami Own 3 properties in Miami   


Brickell Key Own any 3 properties in the Brickell Key neighborhood in Miami                           

East Little Havana Own any 3 properties in the East Little Havana neighborhood in Miami

South Grove Own any 3 properties in the South Grove neighborhood in Miami

Roads Own any 3 properties in the Roads neighborhood in Miami

Flagami Own any 3 properties in the Flagami neighborhood in Miami

Shenandoah South Own any 3 properties in the Shenandoah South neighborhood in Miami.

Silver Bluff Own any 2 properties in the Silver Bluff neighborhood in Miami.


SW 8th street Own any 3 properties in the SW 8th street in Miami

Brickell ave. Own any 3 properties in the Brickell ave. in Miami

These collections will appear in-game shortly. Please head over to ⁠live-updates for deciphering details as well as any further announcements on Miami collections. 

We have locked unminted Miami properties in collections and are recalculating the mint price. FYI this may change FSA allocation as some repriced properties may exceed the FSA price. These properties will be unlocked at 9:30 am PT.


[UPDATE 12.05.23] Douglas Park will not be included in tomorrow's release. Map has been updated to reflect this change.

[UPDATE 12.05.23] Added the following clarification on the terminal Upx Distribution.

All UPX proceeds from travel via Miami terminals, will be evenly split among the terminal owners, ensuring they benefit from the UPX earned during the city opening. In future instances where terminals are not sold until after a city's initial opening in Upland, we will adopt this same approach.


Prepare to be captivated as Miami bursts onto the Upland scene, bringing with it an unprecedented array of events, innovative mechanics, and diverse participation opportunities!

This isn't just a city opening; it's a groundbreaking expansion of our virtual universe. Miami, with its iconic beaches and vibrant culture, now becomes a playground for more interactive events and novel gameplay experiences than we've ever offered before!

From the debut of the exciting Burn Mechanic to a variety of new ways to engage, this launch marks a significant evolution in the Upland experience.

Get ready to explore, compete, and thrive in the vibrant virtual landscape of Miami, where every corner offers a new adventure and every interaction opens a world of possibilities. Welcome to a new chapter in Upland – Miami awaits!

Miami is set to open on Wednesday, December 6th, at 9 AM PT and will bring ~32,500 properties to 35 new neighborhoods in the initial opening! More parcels will come later as expansions post launch. About 20% of the properties in this release will be reserved as FSA for new players

Fun Facts About Miami

  • Cultural Melting Pot: Miami is often referred to as the "Capital of Latin America" due to its large Cuban-American plurality and significant influence from Latin American cultures.
  • Art Deco Haven: The city houses an impressive collection of Art Deco architecture, with over 800 buildings in the Art Deco Historic District in South Beach, making it the world's largest collection of Art Deco architecture.
  • Rich Biodiversity: Miami is the only major city in the United States that is bordered by two national parks – Everglades National Park on the west and Biscayne National Park on the east.

Miami Details

To help you gear up for the exciting Miami launch, we've provided a map and other key information below. Please review all the details thoroughly to ensure you're fully prepared for this new venture and ready to dive into the vibrant city of Miami!

Note: This is a partial city opening, which does affect the current level of send fees as well as treasure hunting tiers. 

Miami Information

% of City Opened: ~ 50%
Official Send Fees (Lo/Hi/Default): 15/75/30
Current Send Fees (Lo/Hi/Default): 10/50/20
Airport: Yes
Train Terminal: Not for this opening
Collection Range: 14-20 (When Fully Released)
Initial Launch properties: ~32,500
Total Launch Neighborhoods: 34
% of FSA Properties: ~20%
Official Treasure Hunt Tier: Tier 3
Current Treasure Hunt Tier:
Tier 4
Future Expansions:
Landmarks: 5

  • Freedom Tower - 600 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132
  • Vizcaya Museum & Gardens - 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129
  • Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science - 1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132
  • Pérez Art Museum Miami - 1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132
  • Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts - 1300 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Miami Map

For the Miami launch, we are thrilled to present 35 vibrant neighborhoods across Miami. In the map provided, the neighborhoods set for the grand opening are highlighted in orange, introducing these new areas as the latest additions to Upland's ever-growing digital landscape.

Miami Terminal Sale Details

Due to the brief 48-hour notice, Upland will soon activate terminals for players to journey to. The registration and sale of these terminals will commence right after Miami's opening, ensuring a seamless transition for our players to this exciting new destination.

All UPX proceeds from travel via Miami terminals, will be evenly split among the terminal owners, ensuring they benefit from the UPX earned during the city opening. In future instances where terminals are not sold until after a city's initial opening in Upland, we will adopt this same approach.

Domestic Terminals: 10 available at $1,280 each
International Terminals:
10 available at $1,536 each

Registration Opens: Thursday, December 7th, at 8 AM PT
Registration Closes: Friday, December 8th at 8 AM PT

Sale Starts: Friday, December 8th, 9 AM PT

Note: The registration and sale of terminals will only be registered and sold in the web version of Upland’s Store. 

Miami Travel Routes Guide

Take a look at the Miami travel routes guide below to help you plan your trip effectively and ensure you arrive on time for the opening! 

Miami Collection Reveal

On Wednesday, December 13th, at 9 AM PT, we’ll reveal Collections that are a part of this opening. As collections may alter a property's price, make sure to double-check your marketplace properties before the reveal to ensure you don’t sell them below the collection-modified value. It may be safer to temporarily remove them from the marketplace before the information is public and the Collections are revealed.

Important Note: All Collections to this city expansion will be tokenized before the release and will remain unmodified. As cities continue to expand, additional Collections will be tokenized in this same process to meet the required Collection ranges for each city’s tier. Not all Collections tokenized are necessarily for the current expansion.

Miami Collection Reveal Schedule 

Miami Collections will be revealed through the following process.

  • Right before the Collection Reveal at around 8:55 AM PT, any unminted properties in the Miami opening that are part of Collections will be locked. 
  • At 9 AM PT, we will reveal the Miami Collections and the Collection Key (which allows players to confirm the Collection on the blockchain) on Discord, In-Game Chat, and as an update to this post. 
  • Unminted properties that match the announced Miami Collections will then be repriced according to the corresponding Collection level they match.

At around 9:30 AM PT, we will unlock the unminted properties part of the Miami Collections for minting.

Now that you're all set with the details, it's time to put on your sunglasses and head to Miami. We're excited to see all of you Uplanders in this dazzling American city for our thrilling city opening!

Note: As a reminder, if we see signs that the city release experience is sub-optimal, we will take immediate action and lock any unminted properties. If required, this may be followed by a brief maintenance period.

Special Miami Block Explorer Sale

As we gear up for the Miami launch, we're excited to present a special offer: a complimentary Miami-themed Block Explorer with the purchase of 30k UPX.

This is an opportunity you won't want to miss, especially as it marks the first introduction of our burn mechanic. This innovative feature allows you to enhance these Block Explorers by participating in a burn. For more information on how to take advantage of this unique opportunity, see the details below.

Price: $30
QTY: 50 each (150 total)
Registration Begins:
Monday, December 4th, 8 AM PT
Sale Start: Tuesday, December 5th, 9 AM PT

30K UPX + Lagoon Bliss Block Explorer

30K UPX + Vice City Vroom Block Explorer

30K UPX + Blush Boulevard Block Explorer

Exclusive Block Explorer Shop Owner Sale - Miami

But wait, there's more! We're offering a special chance exclusively for Block Explorer Shop owners with our "Miami Exclusive Block Explorer Shop Owner Sale." Shop owners will have the unique opportunity to acquire exclusive bundles for resale in their stores. Each bundle includes 3 randomly selected Miami-themed Block Explorers. All shop owners who have fulfilled their venture dues and are active as of December 13th at 9 AM PTwill be eligible to participate.

Additionally, players will have the option to participate in our exciting burn mechanic with these explorers. For more information on how to make the most of this opportunity, please see the details provided below.

Price: $8.99
QTY: 300 Bundles (3 BE/Bundle).
Registration Starts: December 14th, 8 AM PT

Sale Starts: December 15th, 9 AM PT

The Miami Block Explorer Burn

This leads us to the debut of our very first Block Explorer Burn mechanic! Players will have the chance to burn a specific combination of Miami Block Explorers to upgrade them into a unique, limited edition Miami Glow Block Explorer. For more information on how to engage in this exciting new feature, please see the instructions below.

BE Burn Start: Friday, December 15th, 9 AM PT
BE Burn End:
Friday, December 22nd, 9AM PT

To engage in the burn process, players will need to combine one Block Explorer from the Miami Sweetener sale with any two Block Explorers from the Miami Shop Owner sale. This will grant you one of two variations of the Glow Burn Block Explorer, distributed randomly. Detailed instructions on how to perform the burn will be made available in a few days, so stay tuned for further updates!

Please note: It is crucial to burn the correct combinations to receive the upgraded Block Explorer. Burning an incorrect combination will permanently result in the loss of your Block Explorers. Exercise caution and ensure accuracy during this process.

Miami Passes

In another groundbreaking move for Upland, we're launching our very first Miami Pass Sale, perfect for those who can't attend the city release or simply want more of the Miami experience!

This pass guarantees holders a property to mint in Miami following the collection reveal, with a 15% chance that it will be part of a collection.

These passes are tradable, with a snapshot scheduled for December 14th. Holders as of this date will be allocated a specific address in Miami for minting. The deadline to mint will be Monday December 18th at 9 AM PT; after this, any unminted properties will become available for public minting.

Plus, as a memento of this historic event, players can keep their passes as unique souvenirs. See pricing and quantity details below.

QTY: 1,000 Passes 

Price: $4.99

Registration Start: December 4th, 8 AM PT

Sale Start: December 5th, 9 AM PT

Snapshot: Thursday, December 14th, 9 AM PT 

Mint Period: December 14th-18th

Special Edition Miami Cars Giveaway

To top it all off, as a token of appreciation for everyone involved in minting Miami, we've got an exciting surprise in store. We're giving away 15 exclusive Miami-themed cars!

For every property you mint in Miami, including those minted by property pass owners, you'll receive one entry into this exclusive giveaway. Additionally, those who earn our coveted Mint Master badges will be rewarded with an extra 25 entries!

With only 5 mints of each design, this is a chance you won't want to miss! The entry period for the giveaway ends on Friday, December 22nd at Noon PT. Best of luck to all participants!

Get Ready

As we gear up for the Miami launch, it's clear that this is a pivotal moment in Upland's history. From the debut of our first-ever Burn Mechanic, offering a unique twist to your Block Explorers, to the introduction of the Miami Pass Sale and the exclusive Miami-themed car giveaway, we're setting new benchmarks for innovation and excitement.

These pioneering features, coupled with the opportunity to mint in one of America's most iconic cities, solidify Upland as not just a game, but a continually evolving virtual experience.

Join us at the Community Corner in City Center Plaza (52 Grove St. San Francisco) to discuss this exciting announcement and share your thoughts with fellow Uplanders – we can't wait to hear what you think about all the new developments!

This is truly an unprecedented time to be a part of the Upland community, where every new launch brings a wealth of opportunities and adventures. Don't miss out on being part of this thrilling journey!

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