February 22, 2023

The Genesis Week Early Bird Sale is Here!

Turn down the lights and light the candles because it’s time for … wait for it … Upland’s Genesis Week birthday celebration! 

Genesis Week drops online from June 5 to June 9, and we’re hosting our second-annual live event at the Sahara in Las Vegas from June 8 to June 9! It’ll be a week of unbelievable Upland action, and a few surprises are in store for all who head to Vegas with us. 

June might feel far away, but we can’t hold back. So we’re opening special Early Bird pricing for the first 75 players itching for some Upland action in Sin City. 

The future of Upland starts at Genesis Week. Register today for your front-row seat for the action ahead! 

Genesis Week 2023 Details

Genesis Week is a celebration of the first property minted in Upland. Last year, we had our first-ever live player conference in Las Vegas. We were blown away by the energy and love the players brought to the event. This year we are stepping up our game, so be sure to register! 

Genesis Week starts (online): June 5

Genesis Week starts (Las Vegas in-person conference): June 8

Genesis Week ends (online and in Las Vegas): June 9 

Conference location: Sahara resort, Las Vegas, Nevada

We are still planning our agenda. But if you look back to last year’s Genesis Week, you’ll see that we like to go big! We unveiled a gorgeous MV Motors Seris 1 Genesis Trim, held a  live city opening, opened the floor in an AMA with the Co-Founders Dirk Lueth and Idan Zuckerman, green-lit a player project in our first-ever hackathon, and so much more! 

Check out our video for a rundown of last year’s festivities for a taste of what’s to come!

We’ll announce more details for this year’s Genesis Week soon. In the meantime, grab your tickets and save some change in our Early Bird sale! 

Early Bird Sale

Only the first 75 registrants will get our Early Bird pricing, so get going! You can register for Genesis Week on our event page to cash in on this offer and save on the biggest Upland event of the year. Players who register for the Early Bird sale will also be eligible for an exclusive NFT.

Early Bird pricing: $85 per ticket

Standard pricing: $100 per ticket

Register here for Early Bird savings! 

If you’re headed to Vegas, be sure to book a room at the Sahara resort using our discounted pricing! Rooms are limited so reserve yours ASAP. 

Book your room at the Sahara here!

What is Genesis Week?

On June 6th, 2019, the first property was minted in Upland at 1829 Jefferson St. in San Francisco. Thus, the Upland Metaverse was born, and the team’s vision became a reality. Since then, the metaverse has expanded rapidly. We use Genesis Week as a time to reflect on and celebrate Upland’s growth. Upland wouldn’t be where it is today without the players. So Genesis Week is as much a party for the players as it is Upland’s birthday bash! 

‍Join Us Live in Vegas!

It’s been too long since we got together. Let’s change that, because Genesis Week is back! At last year’s event in Vegas we saw virtual friends meet in person for the first time and watched players enjoy the game and community in a whole new way. It was special. And getting a chance to shake hands, high five, and hear players’ Upland stories was unforgettable. 

Genesis Week is a celebration of our players and growing ecosystem, and we take our fun seriously! Save the date. Grab your Early Bird ticket. Come be a part of the party. 

Look out for more information as Upland rolls out its plan to take over Sin City this June for Genesis Week!

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