January 10, 2023

Toasting $10M NFT-to-USD with a Thrifty Trader and Player Auction

[UPDATE 1.11.23]

*$10M NFT-to-USD Thrifty Trader Leaderboard*


Cheddar. Bacon. Bread. Bands. Bones. Stacks. Paper. Upland players are crossing perhaps the most impressive and meaningful milestone in metaverse history: they’re breaking the $10 million mark in NFT-to-USD! That’s not a typo, people. It’s a lot of money, and we’re both impressed and honored by the value players have been able to get out of Upland – both in entertainment and moolah!

To celebrate this moment, we’re hosting two events. There’s a Thrifty Trader extravaganza stretching across every Upland city! Starting Wednesday, January 11, and ending Saturday, January 14, this Thrifty Trader comes with a little extra incentive, as the top 200 players on the leaderboard will walk away with the $10M Dollar Baller Block Explorer! Next, the Upland Auction House will host a USD auction for player-owned assets on Friday, January 13 at 11 AM PT in Discord for Block Explorers, properties, and Outdoor Decor! 

Congratulations to the community for earning serious cash in the metaverse! Check out the details below to be a part of the celebration!

Thrifty Trader Details

Thrifty Trader tasks players with buying properties low or selling high. At the end of the challenge, the “thriftiest” players on the leaderboard win! Usually, Thrifty Traders are in a single city. But, to mark this special occasion, this Thrifty Trader is going around the Upland world! That means any property sale or purchase counts toward the Thrifty Trader Leaderboard! 

Event start: Wednesday, January 11 at 9 AM PT

Event ends: Saturday, January 14 at 9 AM PT

How to Participate

All Uplanders will receive an “Efficiency Value” to rank their performance during the Thrifty Trader Challenge. All property sales and purchases (in all Upland cities) occurring between the start and end date will qualify for the Thrifty Trader Challenge. ‍

Each Uplander’s Efficiency Value is a composite of their performance relative to others on a few core metrics: 

  • Relative Profit Score - Calculates the relative value between the sale price and the 30-day* moving average of sales prices in that property’s neighborhood.
  • Relative Purchase Score - Calculates the relative value between the purchase price and the 30-day* moving average of sales prices in that property’s neighborhood.
  • Trading Volume -  Volume of trades executed during the weekend.
  • Trading Diversity - Number of unique players the seller has traded with.

Note: *30-day moving averages only consider days when a trade occurred. Only the previous 30 “trading days” are measured.

Each of these metrics influences Efficiency Value for the duration of the contest. This value is a weighted function of these three metrics, with 30% of the score derived from the Relative Profit Margin, 30% from Relative Purchase Value,  20% from Trading Volume, and 20% from Trading Diversity. ‍

Players can track their Thrifty Trader Challenge rank on the leaderboard throughout the contest. We’ll post the leaderboard to this web page once it’s live. 

Percentile-Based Scoring

Additionally, since scoring is based on performance relative to others (in essence, percentile rank on each metric), Efficiency Values may change at the end of the Challenge if players are banned and removed from the challenge due to fraudulent activity. Trading activity will be reviewed at the conclusion of the challenge; we will announce when the leaderboard is finalized.

Only Uplanders with a strong performance in all four categories will top the leaderboard. The goal of this competition is to reward Uplanders who are savvy marketplace traders, regardless of their Upland status. All Uplanders, large and small, have a realistic chance to win.

Note: Players on both the sell side and buy side will be scored for this contest. Properties acquired via swaps will not count. 


At the end of the challenge, the top 200 players on the Thrifty Challenge Leaderboard will win the $10M Dollar Baller Block Explorer! It’s the perfect item for those who love swimming in sweet riches. Check it out! 

Auction Details

Since we’re celebrating a milestone by the players, and for the players, it only makes sense to have an auction for player-owned items and properties! The bidding starts on Friday, January 13 at 11 AM PT, and the auction will be hosted live on YouTube by General Mort and X1TheGamer. This is a great chance for players to grab unique items from the community or for players who have been waiting for the right moment to flip a fantastic asset to make some bank! 

In celebration of crossing the $10M mark, this will be a USD-only auction. The items displayed in the auction will be randomly selected from player submissions (see below for details on how to participate as a seller). Items include: 

  • Five Block Explorers
  • Five properties
  • Five Outdoor Decor items

How to Participate

To auction an item, players must fill out this auction application by Thursday, January 12 at 12 PM PT. 

To auction a Block Explorer, fill out this form. 

To auction an Upland property, fill out this form.

To auction Outdoor Decor, fill out this form. 

To bid on an item, players need to complete the Auction Verification Form before joining the Discord room. (We recommend completing the form at least one day before the auction.)

Fill out this Auction Verification Form to bid. 

Note: Since this is a USD-only auction, only players who have completed KYC identity verification will be allowed to participate. This process can take a few days to complete, so be sure to log into Upland and complete the steps (in your Profile) before the auction begins. 

Auction Rules

Players who win a Block Explorer or Outdoor Decor in the auction must directly contact the seller to work out the transaction. The seller will place the item in a Metaventure for the buyer to complete the transaction. Here is a list of Metaventures – players can choose any of these locations and should consider travel distance for both parties. 

View our list of Metaventures here to help you find the best location to complete auction transactions.

Please know that bidding in the auction is a contract we expect players to respect. Any negligent player – buyer or seller – who does not act in good faith to complete transactions will be banned permanently from Upland’s Discord. 

Sky’s the Limit

Getting to the first $10 million is just the start, but it’s important to take a moment to acknowledge the big moments along the way. A player-run economy is one of the biggest and most ambitious aspects of Upland. Crossing this NFT-to-USD milestone proves that players get so much out of their time in the metaverse. It is revolutionary, and we’re honored to have a strong community pushing Upland to the next level. The sky is the limit!

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