February 5, 2024

Unveiling Gamified UPX Earnings in Upland: A New Season of Rewards and Engagement!

UPX Earning Standings Updates Daily

We're thrilled to introduce the first iteration of gamified UPX Earnings in Upland, a feature designed to enhance the gaming experience by rewarding our most active and engaged players. This initiative underscores our commitment to recognizing the vital role that active participation plays in the vitality of the Upland community.

Why Gamified UPX Earnings?

At the heart of Upland's ethos is the belief that active players—the core of our community—deserve recognition. The introduction of gamified UPX earnings aims to address the imbalance where inactive players reap the same benefits as their more engaged counterparts.

It's simple: the more you participate, the greater your rewards. This approach ensures that those who contribute most to the vibrancy of Upland are appropriately rewarded with the maximum earning on their properties.

How It Works Each Season

Gamified UPX earning introduces a forward-looking reward system where tasks completed in the current season determine the UPX earning for the following season. 

For instance, tasks completed during the Frost Season will set the earning rate for the Blossom Season. Similarly, activities undertaken in the Blossom Season will influence the earning for the Genesis Season, and so on. 

This structure encourages consistent engagement and planning, rewarding players who remain active across different phases of the game. 

Initially, progress will be tracked via a live leaderboard updated daily on this post, with future iterations of the feature to be integrated directly into the game through missions, making tracking seamless and intuitive.

Gamified UPX Earnings Calculation

Gamified UPX earnings introduces a tiered earning system:

Base Earning: 4.9% 

Max Earning: 14.7% (Base Rate x 3)

Stretch Earning: 15.2% (Base Rate x 3.1)

In Upland, the earning structure is designed to reward player engagement at various levels, beginning with the Base Earning, which is set at 4.9% annually and serves as the minimum earning rate for all players.

For those looking to maximize their returns, the Max Earning offers the current rate of 14.7%, achievable by completing any 5 of the earning tasks during a season.

Beyond this, the Stretch Earning provides an enhanced rate of 15.2%, awarded exclusively to players who not only complete all the season's earning tasks but also have set a home address in Upland, symbolizing the highest level of player engagement and contribution to the game's vibrant community.

Note: Earning rates may adjust in the future but will follow the gamified UPX Earning calculation above.

The earning increase in Upland is structured around the completion of tasks, providing a clear incentive for player activity and engagement through a series of tiered rewards. Here's the breakdown:

  • 1 Task Complete (Multiplier 1.2x): Starting off, completing just one task applies a 1.2x multiplier to the earnings, resulting in a 5.88% annual earning.
  • 2 Tasks Complete (Multiplier 1.5x): Advancing to two tasks completed increases the multiplier to 1.5x, which boosts the earnings to 7.35%.
  • 3 Tasks Complete (Multiplier 2x): Completing three tasks further escalates the multiplier to 2x, enhancing the earnings to 9.8%.
  • 4 Tasks Complete (Multiplier 2.5x): Four completed tasks amplify the earnings with a 2.5x multiplier, reaching 12.25%.
  • 5 Tasks Complete (Multiplier 3x): This pivotal level, achieved by completing five tasks, maximizes the regular reward with a 3x multiplier, culminating in a 14.7% earnings.
  • All Tasks Complete (Multiplier 3.1x): For the utmost dedication, completing all tasks for the season activates a 3.1x multiplier, the highest tier, elevating the annual earnings to an exceptional 15.2%.

This rewards structure is designed to encourage a high level of participation in Upland, offering significant incentives for completing tasks and fully engaging with the game's diverse opportunities.

Frost Season 

The introduction of gamified UPX earnings does not alter the earnings for the current Frost season. Instead, the tasks and activities completed during the current Frost season will determine your earning rate for the next season (Blossom).

The tasks for this season are designed to cater to a broad spectrum of player activities in Upland, from property management and construction to daily logins and participation in races. Tasks for Frost season will be retroactively tracked from the start of the season (Feb 1st). Here's a detailed list of the earning tasks for the Frost season:

  • Mint 3 properties during the season.
  • Buy 6 properties on the secondary market (purchases only, no swaps).
  • Participate in 5 multiplayer races and win at least 2.
  • Login at least 25 days during the season (Daily Check-in)
  • Login for 7 consecutive days (Daily Check-in).
  • Visit 5 different cities using public or private transportation.
  • Apply a Frost ornament to your property for at least 3 weeks.
  • Complete construction of structures in 3 different cities.
  • Complete construction of 5 different models of structures.
  • Collect 3 competitive treasures in Treasure Hunts.
  • Collect 5 standard treasures in Treasure Hunts.
  • Complete 3 property Collections for the first time.

These tasks are designed to ensure there's something for everyone, whether you're into property trading, spark management, daily engagement, racing, or treasure hunting. The variety and flexibility in tasks allow players to engage with Upland in the ways they enjoy most, while also encouraging exploration of new features and activities.

Remember, tasks may evolve from season to season, so stay active, stay engaged, and let's make this Upland season the most rewarding yet!

Gamified UPX Earnings Summary

  • The base earning is the foundational annual earnings rate set for all players in Upland, currently at 4.9%. It serves as the minimum earnings a player can receive, regardless of their level of activity.

  • Players can achieve the max earnings rate, which is significantly higher than the base earning, by completing a specific set of earning tasks during the current season. For example, completing any 5 of the earning tasks in the Frost Season will secure a max earnings rate of 14.7% for the following season.

  • To achieve the Stretch earnings of 15.2%, complete all the earning tasks for the season and ensure you have set a home address in Upland. This is the reward for the highest level of engagement.

  • Inactive players will find their earnings rate adjusted to the base of 4.9% for the season. Active engagement through completing the minimum required earning tasks can restore their rate in the following season.

  • During the initial rollout, progress can be tracked via a leaderboard on this blog post. Future iterations will include in-game tracking through missions.

  • Earning tasks are subject to change with each season, reflecting the dynamic nature of Upland and encouraging players to explore different aspects of the game.


The introduction of gamified earnings in Upland represents a significant step towards recognizing and rewarding the contributions of our most active and engaged players. It not only incentivizes participation but also enhances the overall community experience by ensuring that active players receive the benefits they deserve.

As we embark on this new feature with the first Frost Season, we're excited to see how our community embraces these changes and elevates their Upland journey.

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