March 29, 2024

Upland's Blossom Season: Unveiling New Gamified Earnings Missions!

As the world awakens with the vibrant hues of spring, Upland's Blossom Season rolls out an exciting update, refreshing your journey with a new set of missions for Gamified Earnings


April 1st marks the beginning of Blossom Season, introducing updated Earnings that are directly determined by player achievements during the previous Frost 24 season. This transition signifies a new phase where past performance influences current earnings potential.

Starting at 8 AM PT on April 1st, the "collect earnings" button in-game will reveal the fruits of your labor: your current earnings for Blossom Season 24. This moment is the culmination of your efforts, strategies, and dedication throughout the challenges of the previous Frost season. Ensure you collect your earnings in advance. Any earnings not collected before the update will be adjusted according to your new earnings percentage.

If you find yourself wishing for higher UPX earnings from the last season, fret not! Blossom Season offers a bountiful field of opportunities to boost your earnings for the upcoming season, Genesis. Engage in a plethora of tasks and activities tailored to elevate your earning rate based on your performance in the current season.

Blossom Season Missions

Beginning April 1st at 9 AM PT, Blossom season's missions begin. This season, we're bringing a blend of familiar tasks and fresh challenges to keep you engaged and rewarded. A leaderboard will be available for players to monitor their completed missions. This is expected to be the final season with such a setup, as we foresee in-app mission tracking being implemented in the next season (Genesis).

Here’s the detailed list of missions for Blossom Season:

  1. Daily Dedication: Login for at least 25 days during the season to showcase your commitment to Upland.
  2. Consecutive Connection: Maintain a login streak by logging in 7 days straight and collect your streak login bonus, proving your daily dedication to the Upland universe. (Must be 7 consecutive days after Blossom Season Begins on April 1st).
  3. Property Pioneer: Mint 3 properties during the season, expanding your real estate portfolio.
  4. Urban Explorer: Visit 3 different cities within Upland, experiencing the diverse cultures and landscapes our world offers.
  5. Racing Enthusiast: Stake in 3 public multiplayer races with a minimum of 1500 UPX, showcasing your competitive spirit.
  6. Real Estate Mogul: Buy 5 properties (secondary purchase only, no swaps), utilizing the secondary market to grow your holdings.
  7. Seasonal Decorator: Apply a Blossom ornament to your properties for at least 3 weeks, celebrating the season in style.
  8. Collection Completer: Complete 2 exclusive property collections for the first time, demonstrating your knack for curating unique property sets.
  9. Master Builder: Complete the construction of structures, build 5 different types of models, to diversify your architectural achievements.
  10. City Developer: Complete construction of structures in 3 different cities, showcasing your influence across Upland.
  11. Economy Contributor: Burn/exchange 3 items, engaging with Upland's dynamic economy.
  12. Competition Champion: Participate in 3 multiplayer races (kart or cars), racing your way to the top.
  13. Community Grower: Earn a referral bonus by referring others to join the Upland community, expanding our universe.
  14. Treasure Hunter: Start 5 standard Treasure Hunts (TH), embarking on quests for hidden treasures across Upland.
  15. Metaventure Explorer: Visit 3 different metaventures (paid send), discovering unique shops within Upland.

How it works

The earning increase in Upland is structured around the completion of tasks, providing a clear incentive for player activity and engagement through a series of tiered rewards. Here's the breakdown:

  • 1 Task Complete (Multiplier 1.2x): Starting off, completing just one task applies a 1.2x multiplier to the earnings, resulting in a 5.88% annual earning.
  • 2 Tasks Complete (Multiplier 1.5x): Advancing to two tasks completed increases the multiplier to 1.5x, which boosts the earnings to 7.35%.
  • 3 Tasks Complete (Multiplier 2x): Completing three tasks further escalates the multiplier to 2x, enhancing the earnings to 9.8%.
  • 4 Tasks Complete (Multiplier 2.5x): Four completed tasks amplify the earnings with a 2.5x multiplier, reaching 12.25%.
  • 5 Tasks Complete (Multiplier 3x): This pivotal level, achieved by completing five tasks, maximizes the regular reward with a 3x multiplier, culminating in a 14.7% earnings.
  • All Tasks Complete (Multiplier 3.1x): For the utmost dedication, completing all tasks for the season activates a 3.1x multiplier, the highest tier, elevating the annual earnings to an exceptional 15.2%.

Gamified UPX earning introduces a forward-looking reward system where tasks completed in the current season determine the UPX earning for the following season.

For instance, tasks completed during the Frost Season will set the earning rate for the Blossom Season. Similarly, activities undertaken in the Blossom Season will influence the earning for the Genesis Season, and so on.

This structure encourages consistent engagement and planning, rewarding players who remain active across different phases of the game.

Let’s Go!! 

These missions are your key to unlocking the full potential of your earnings this season. Engage with the Upland community, dive into diverse activities, and let your strategic prowess lead the way. 

Whether you're a property magnate, a racing aficionado, or an explorer at heart, there's a mission designed just for you.

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