Sparklet, the Utility Token for Creators to Build in the Metaverse

Created by Upland on Ethereum

White Paper
Fueling Value
Creation in the
Open Metaverse

Introducing Sparklet, the utility token that fuels all value creation in Upland. Sparklet is the resource required for entrepreneurs to create content, experiences, and assets via no-code user friendly tools.

Access to the
Upland Platform
Unlock the potential to create and build within the Upland platform
Content Creation
Design, Create, and Monetize, your own content and experiences within Upland
User Generated
Transform your creativity and imagination into digital assets, games & opportunities
Building the World’s Largest Digital Open Economy


Registered Accounts

A globally distributed community, Upland players come from over 50 countries, including the US, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Turkey, Australia, and several other countries.


Daily Active Players

Upland’s global community remains actively engaged in daily logins to the Upland platform in order to buy, trade, and sell properties, complete collections, play games, and connect with other players.


Land Owners

Upland has the highest number of unique virtual land owners than any other blockchain-based metaverse.


Spark Holders ahead of the TTE

Launched in-game in June 2021, there are currently over 130,000 players in Upland who hold Spark. Spark usage in Upland has been constantly growing as more players get access to the token, and more utility is introduced for its usage.


NFTs Sold