car and racing in upland
Cars have become a driving force for the Upland community since their introduction which ushered in digital assets, real-time travel, racing, and a wealth of incredible Metaventure opportunities. Since the inception of vehicles, the in-game economy has kicked into high gear as Uplanders scorch the race tracks of the metaverse proper.

How to get a car in Upland?

The first step to car ownership is leveling up from Visitor status to Uplander. Once you’ve completed the level up, you can register and purchase directly in the UPX Store during frequent sales events from MV Motors. You can also buy cars from other users on the secondary market in (Showrooms), which you can find through Global Search.

Showroom owners can utilize the space to sell map assets, structure ornaments and cars. Any player will have the ability to list a manufactured item in a showroom by becoming a sub-merchant. The seller will be able to set a sales price, and the showroom owner will be able to earn a commission on each sale, after accepting the item to be listed in their metaventure. In addition, the original manufacturer will also earn a royalty on the sale. Alternatively, if you own both a manufacturing plant, and a showroom you are able to list your own items, and keep your costs low.

What types of cars are in Upland?

Here at Upland, we love cars so we take pride in the design of every model, so that our community is a proud owner of a sweet looking ride.  Here are all of the models available in Upland.

2023 Cars

2023 MV Motors Series

Series 1
Series 2
Series 4
Series t
Series v
Series s

Stock Car Pro Series

2023 Stock Car Pro Series Trainer
2023 Stock Car Pro Series competition
2023 Stock Car Pro Series pro

Genesis Go Kart

2022 Cars

2022 MV Motors Series

Series 1
Series 2
Series 4
Series T
Series v
Series s

How to race in Upland?

Start your engines, Uplanders! Racing begins with the Upland Racing App, available for both iOS and Android. The app offers players various racing features such as circuit options, fastest lap times, weather conditions, car details, driver names, and more. Get a front row seat to view races all around Upland, including your own past races. Download TODAY and get down on some awesome racing action.

racing features

Upland Racing gives players the real-time racing feel for hard-core motorists, but it maintains an easy presentation that is user friendly for racing novices. Utilizing the Upland Racing app, players will have control over lane switching, boosting, and breaking.

lane switching

Experience the exhilarating rush of outmaneuvering your opponents with the new lane switching functionality. On mobile devices, players can tap either on the left or right side of the screen to swiftly switch lanes. For web users, you can use the same on-screen tapping controls as on mobile or use your keyboard's left or right arrow keys to perform lane changes.


Unleash the full power of your vehicle with the newly introduced boost functionality. Activate boosts strategically to surge past competitors and secure the lead. But be mindful of when and where to use them, as each driver only has three boosts per race, making timing and strategy key to victory.


Precision is paramount in Upland Racing, and the addition of braking controls allows you to navigate corners with finesse. Maintain control of your vehicle by expertly applying the brakes at the right moments, enabling you to outmaneuver your opponents and maintain optimal racing lines.

Build Your Own Racetrack in Upland

One of the latest additions to vehicular utility in Upland is the ability to design and create your very own race track. Speedway Metaventures give players the role of architect and engineer as they create their own piece of the metaverse racing puzzle. To register, a player must meet all requirements.

The applicant must have a minimum of 1.0 Spark at the time the application is submitted.
The applicant must own at least 4 Properties (1 at the starting line and 3 additional properties along the race track). None of these properties can be listed for sale during the review process or your application will be denied.
The applicant cannot have multiple active applications with the same starting line address.
The applicant must complete KYC identity verification before submitting the application.
The applicant status must be an Uplander or above.
The applicant CANNOT be in Alcatraz.

How to Map out a Racetrack

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