March 17, 2023

Fabricate Then Crate Structure Ornaments

Get ready to pop glorious new designs on your houses and buildings, because Structure Ornament manufacturing is here! 

After recently opening applications for Structure Ornament Factories and Showrooms, players are now going to be firing up their Factories to produce new inventory. As the inventory comes off Factory lines, Structure Ornament Showrooms will soon open their doors – bringing a whole new branch of Metaventures to life! 

But that’s not all. Because of all the new inventory hitting properties, we’re also launching crates for Structure Ornaments. This new packaging system adds a nice touch to all the freshly-manufactured items hitting inventory lots soon as well as Structure Ornaments already in players’ asset wallets! 

Which of your properties needs a fresh look? Read on and get ready to ball out with player-designed Structure Ornaments.

Structure Ornaments Manufacturing Details

Now that Structure Ornament manufacturing is live, anyone who has applied for and meets all eligibility requirements for Structure Ornament Factories can send designs for review and later stake Spark in their Factory to produce fresh inventory (all models must be approved by Upland before appearing in a factory for production). We ask players to be patient with our review process. Models will go through a detailed review process that can take upwards of 60 days for a final approval. Anything beyond this timeline will be communicated directly with the player with the reason(s) for a delay. Players’ models must follow all 3D Structure Ornament model guidelines and specifications exactly, and approved players will be sent a link to submit models at a later date.

Structure Ornament manufacturing follows a similar process as Outdoor Decor manufacturing

  • Submit models individually to Upland for official reviews and wait for feedback.
  • Add an approved ornament model to the production queue.
  • Configure total mints (maximum # shared by Upland during the review process).
  • Allocate Spark.
  • Start production! 

Click here to apply for a Structure Ornament Metaventure Factory if you want to bring your Structure Ornament designs to life in Upland! 

For now, Structure Ornament inventory is managed similarly to Outdoor Decor, meaning that inventory (in the form of crates) will automatically appear in the inventory lot, provided there is enough space for the items. 


Crates are coming! As all 3D items that appear on the map require a physical presence, crates will be the footprint for Structure Ornaments on properties. When new ornaments are produced, they will automatically appear as crates on inventory lots outside of Factories. Then, players can do several things. For example, they can: 

  • Move crates to other properties to store.
  • Move crates to their Showrooms for sale
  • Swap with other players. 

Players who purchase Structure Ornaments from Showrooms will place the crated item on a property of their choice.  

When crates are live, all currently-owned Structure Ornaments will be automatically assigned a crate. These crates will be dropped on players’ properties where space allows. Players can move crates between properties to get items sorted to their liking. 

Note: Crates will not apply to Outdoor Decor models as those already have a footprint on the map.

Crates will be delivered to all current Structure Ornament owners beginning today. If a player does not own a property or if the property/ies are listed for sale on in an offer, they cannot swap or sell their ornament until they have a non-listed property and are shipped a crate for each ornament they own. All players who do not have an eligible property or space on their properties have received a notification email as of March 15, 2023.

Crates are small and are all the same size regardless of what’s in them. In the future, players will have more ways to differentiate crates – making it easier to find items and organize inventory to players’ liking. 

Each crate has the name of the item printed on it, making it easier to identify items when players zoom in close. Clicking on a crate opens the item’s full screen view where players can view full Structure Ornament details. 

When it’s time to apply a Structure Ornament, the associated crate must be at the location of the property where the ornament will be displayed. And even though crates are “empty”, they will always be visible on a property as the physical footprint of the item. 

Upland Seasons for Structure Ornaments

As you know, Structure Ornaments are seasonal. Halloween ornaments, for example, are used to decorate buildings during the Halloween season. Each time an approved (Factory) Metaventure owner submits a Structure Ornament design for Upland’s review, they will need to specify the season it’ll be used. 

These are the updated nine ornament seasons that will soon be implemented: 

Carnaval: January 30 - February 28

World’s Fair: March 1 - March 30

Blossom: April 3 - May 2

Genesis: May 15 - June 13

Festival: June 22 - July 21

Sunburnt: August 1 - August 30

Harvest: September 1 - September 30

Haunted: October 10 - November 8

Wonderland: December 10 - January 8 

Please select the season that is the closest to which design your model has, or which was most important to you while designing your model. Lastly, the requested season is subject to approval. Manufacturers will see approved ornaments available in their designated factory along with the Spark pricing per item once they are approved and ready for manufacturing.

You will start to see new Structure Ornament Factories, Showrooms, and crates on the map soon!

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