August 29, 2022

Metaventure Update: Outdoor Decor Manufacturing

User-Generated Content (UGC) is key to Upland’s evolution as a more decentralized metaverse. We’ve seen amazing things come from the community through projects such as the Master Builders Contest. Now we’re ready for the next big thing from the community: Outdoor Decor. And to go along with these 3D objects, we’re also ready for 3D item movement.

Outdoor Decor Closed Beta Details

A small group of players are participating in Outdoor Decor closed beta testing. Each beta player was tasked to submit their own unique, custom made Outdoor Decor designs to the Upland team and work through a review and approval process to ultimately manufacture the designs in their factories. Players also had to designate the maximum mints for each design. This closed beta allowed us to test the design submission and review process as well as mechanics and UI for factory manufacturing

At this point in the program, each beta member has at least one design approved and they all have the green light to fire up their Spark to manufacture their very own custom-designed outdoor decor pieces. When produced, each of these items becomes an NFT with ownership secured on the blockchain. Players can select their designs in the app and set a quantity to add to their production queue, up to a pre-approved maximum number of mints or until reaching the production queue maximum. They will adjust how much Spark they’re allocating to production and can see how that impacts manufacturing hours in real-time. The factory will continue to work through the queue as long as at least a minimum amount of Spark is available and there is room for items to be stored on the inventory lot. Items are automatically placed on display on the inventory lot as they come out of production.

As the first critical steps to this community-driven supply chain, this test only examines the user-generated design process and player manufacturing. Other related mechanics, such as selling and swapping items, will come at a later time when Showrooms are ready. 

By the way, any player can swing by to see each of these factories and check out their queues and their finished outdoor decor. So if you’re curious about these new manufacturing mechanics, stop by and take a look!

3D Item Movement

To make sure property lots have room for newly manufactured items, Uplanders are now able to move their 3D assets throughout Upland. Specifically, players will be able to move Metaverse Motors (MV Motors) vehicles and then Outdoor Decor items as more players are able to manufacture them. 

To move items, the item owner will select it, then in a menu will select to move the item. They will see a view of where the item currently is and a list of owned properties to select a destination property. At that point, the player will manually place and position the item in the desired property’s lot. Item owners can place multiple items on a property until the lot is full. Items can be arranged on a lot to optimize the available space. 

Items may only be moved away from an inventory lot by the owner to other properties where space allows, but not back into the inventory lot. However, players cannot manually move or stack items in factory inventory lots at this time. Only non-factory properties support mechanics for manually arranging items within a property. 

Keep in mind that these item-movement mechanics are not final. As MV Motors develops transportation and cargo, item movement will flow through a truer transportation simulation that factors a vehicle's cargo capacity and travel time from pickup location to final destination. 

Upland is on the Come Up!

It’s been a tremendous year so far for Upland players as the foundations of a digital economy are here thanks to features like Home Addresses, MV Motors, Block Explorer and NFLPA Fan Shops, huge new global partners, and more! There’s never been a better time to Rebuild the World in Upland. 

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