November 15, 2022

Show Your Colors with FIFA World Cup™ Outdoor Decor

Some fans cheer for their team. Others show their colors for every win and loss all year long. And for the fans that love their team and have been waiting four long years for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM, we have the perfect way to show it. Time to put the garden gnomes and yard flamingos in the garage because FIFA World CupTM Outdoor Decor is here.  

The three Outdoor Decor designs – including Mosaic Tiles, FIFA World CupTM Statues, and Canvasses give Upland players literally infinite ways to show the metaverse who brings the most style to their FIFA World CupTM fandom. 

Read on to learn how to decorate your property top to bottom with amazing FIFA World CupTM Outdoor Decor!

FIFA World CupTM Outdoor Decor Details

There are three Outdoor Decor items available, but it’s how players configure and design their properties with the items that will make all the difference. We know how passionate fans are for FIFA World CupTM, so we developed Outdoor Decor so players can create unique designs on their property! 

After purchasing Outdoor Decor, players will be prompted to select a property to place their new items. After placing an item, it can be reconfigured as desired. 

Mosaic Tiles

A single tile is good, but the idea behind Mosaic Tiles is to give players the materials to weave artistic designs that tell unique stories for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. The Mosaic Tiles are square items that give players so many ways to create mosaics on their property. The variety of designs and colors offer infinite options, and it will be great to see how players use Mosaic Tiles to turn their property into works of art! 

There are 12 different designs that players can purchase, each with three different colors, and three different sizes. The tiles can be arranged anywhere on a property as long as it fits. And players can even trade tiles via any Outdoor Decor Showroom Metaventure to find the perfect piece to finish a design. 

Check out our short video showing how Mosaic Tiles work (and our “super-awesome” design created in under 60 seconds)! 


This is as close to waving a flag from the porch as it gets! With Canvases, players can decorate their property with their favorite team’s colors! All 32 national teams have a unique Canvas, making this Outdoor Decor a staple for community nodes coming together for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. 

Take a look at the Canvases in the chart below. Note that Canvases have limited inventory for each country, so grab yours while you can!


What might be the centerpiece of many Outdoor Decor designs, we have the FIFA World CupTM Statue. This unique piece is extremely limited in quantity and will make for a perfect exclamation point surrounded by Mosaic Tiles and Canvases! 

Check out our info below for quantity and price: 

How to Get FIFA World CupTM Outdoor Decor

To get  FIFA World CupTMOutdoor Decor, players need to travel to the four FIFA World CupTM Showrooms. Outdoor Decor is constantly being manufactured at the Factories in the World Cup Village in Qatar. Once items are manufactured, they will be sent to a random Showroom in batches. 

Here are the Showroom addresses:

Purchasing is on a first-come, first-serve basis. With the limited quantities for some items, players should be ready to trade and swap at a Showroom! 

Traveling to Qatar

As mentioned above, players can travel to and from Qatar for free during the tournament. This makes it easier to head to the FIFA World CupTM Village to get Outdoor Decor and participate in all the experiences coming to Upland for the tournament!

Here’s a travel route guide to help you plan your (free) trip.

Add a Little FIFA World CupTM to Upland

Here’s a little teaser showing how all the Outdoor Decor looks (to scale). With all of these items, it’s never been a better time to add some color to Upland properties.

Who’s going to have the most FIFA World CupTM on their property? Which neighborhood is repping their country the hardest in Upland? With FIFA World CupTM Outdoor Decor, we’ll soon see! 

Jump in and start your decorating today! 

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