October 5, 2022

Score FC Porto Mementos

Every pass. Every tackle. Every goal. These moments in a football match are just a few things that separate the superstars from the pack. And starting today, Uplanders can capture these fantastic moments by collecting FC Porto Mementos that commemorate player performances! 

These Mementos are available October 8 for FC Porto’s match against Portimonense. As the first football club to join Upland, these Memento Legits are collectibles that football fans won’t want to miss! 

FC Porto Memento Details

Mementos for FC Porto are rare digital collectibles. There are two types of Mementos for each player on the FC Porto roster: a Shirt and Boots. There is also one game ball for each match – this is the rarest Memento currently available. Mementos are minted in limited quantities, making them more valuable collectibles than Essential Legits (though Essentials are always great for boosting Fan Scores and completing Collections, which we’ll announce soon). 

Every FC Porto match brings new Mementos to the shop. Mementos come in purchasable bundles that players can preview before completing a purchase. Most bundles include a Shirt or Boots Memento and two Essentials, however Uplanders will also find one Match Ball Bundle in the Estádio do Dragão Shop. This bundle includes an ultra-rare Match Ball Memento and three Essentials – making it quite valuable for collectors and Portista fans.

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How to Get FC Porto Mementos

Uplanders can preview FC Porto Mementos at any time. However, to purchase a bundle Uplanders need to travel to the Estádio do Dragão Stadium Shop. 

As we mentioned earlier, Mementos capture player performances. So, the first Memento bundles hit shop shelves on October 8 at 11 AM PT for the match against Portimonense. The first chance players have to purchase a Memento bundle is in the Early Sale, which occurs just before the match starts. 

The Early Sale requires registration. To register, players can open the FC Porto Stadium Shop up to 72 hours before a match. You don’t need to be at the stadium to register – registration works from anywhere inside Upland. To purchase Mementos, you’ll need to travel to the Stadium Shop. You’ll only be able to purchase one bundle in the Early Sale. So be sure to get to the shop in time to save a good spot in the queue for the Early Sale. First come; first mint! 

Unsold Memento bundles are available after the Early Sale for those that missed out – giving Uplanders plenty of reason to head to Estádio do Dragão for matches. If you can’t make it to the stadium for the Portimonense match, be sure to make the trip for the next game. 

What’s next for FC Porto Legits?

We’re so excited to have FC Porto in Upland. There’s so much potential! Soon we’ll announce more features like Collections and a Fan Leaderboard. And who knows what might come after that! 

It’s a great time to be a football fan and a better time for Portistas! 

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