December 2, 2022

Spotlight on Spotlights: Upland’s First-Ever Highlight Video Collectibles

[UPDATE 2.28.23]

Mark your calendars because on Monday, March 20, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Spotlights will be fully visible, with the watermark removed! For those players who already own Spotlights, no action is required. Once the embargo ends, the watermark will be automatically removed, so get ready to experience the excitement of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ like never before! 

Upland is the exclusive destination in the metaverse to witness exciting video highlights of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Get set to experience the unforgettable moments of the tournament through Spotlights!


Spotlight Mementos for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM are coming! These Spotlights are a new type of Legit in Upland, and since they let players own video highlights of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM, they’re some of the most dynamic and incredible collectibles found in the metaverse! 

Even if you were an alien eavesdropping on Earth, you’d get just how big a deal the FIFA World CupTM is on the third rock from the sun. Owning key moments as collectibles from historic matches is nothing short of spectacular, and we’re excited to let football fans enjoy the sport they love in this unique way!

The plan is to open Game Pass exchanges for Spotlights shortly after a tournament rounds end. Because the first round of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM ends today, work is starting on Mementos (which are game-specific collectibles). We aim for players with a Group Stage Game Pass from a FIFA World CupTM Bundle to be able to exchange it for a Memento next week. 

Exchanging Passes may not be immediately available after a stage ends, but players should keep a lookout for the “Exchange” icon to light up in their asset wallet. In these exchanges, there’s a chance that players will get Spotlight Mementos – highlight clips from key moments of matches. 

Because Spotlights are a new (and awesome) type of Legit in Upland, we decided to put a spotlight on Spotlights so players can get to know more about how these collectibles work. 

What are Spotlight Mementos? 

Spotlight Mementos are rare Upland collectibles currently available only for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM matches. The best part of the Spotlight is the video highlight, which is a 3D asset encased in clear glass. The video can be seen from the front or back of the casing, and owners can also view the highlight in fullscreen mode. 

There is no better way to capture the action and passion from the tournament than with clips of the biggest moments from every match! The nail-biting moment when Christian Pulisic sacrificed his body to score the goal that pushed USA to the Round of 16. Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal that made him the first player to score in five different FIFA World CupTM tournaments. Brazil’s Richarlison de Andrade’s sensational bicycle kick against Serbia. Messi’s tournament-saving goal against Mexico, and hundreds of other iconic moments will all live on forever as player-owned Spotlights! And we’re only at the Group Stage! The highlights will only become more iconic as we get closer to the final match. 

In addition to the highlights, Spotlights also show team statistics from the match as a quick recap of the team’s performance. 

Every goal scored in the tournament gets a Spotlight, and these collectibles will be extra special since only one mint exists for each goal. Other key moments, such as goalkeeper saves and tackles, will also be Spotlight Mementos, but there will be more than one mint for these highlights. 

Here are examples of several Spotlight Mementos! 

Spotlight Embargoes

Players who own a Spotlight Memento will literally own a little piece of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM action forever! The video highlights from matches are under embargo until a brief period of time has passed after the tournament ends. So until the embargo lifts, players will see a watermark over the highlight. But, not to worry. The watermark will get automatically removed after the embargo ends. 

Here’s an example of the watermark: 

While we can’t provide a specific date for when the embargo lifts, the timeframe is early in 2023.

How Do You Get a Spotlight Memento?  

For each round of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM, there are limited Game Passes players get from FIFA Starter, Pro, or Pass Bundles. (This table shows the odds for each Bundle.) Players exchange a Game Pass for a Memento. 

There are several types of Mementos for both teams of every match, including Scarves, Team Crests, Team Warmup Balls, Team Boots, Team Shirts, Match Balls, and of course, Spotlights. 

After a round ends, players can exchange their Game Passes from that round for Mementos. All they need to do is look for the green “Exchange” icon next to a Pass in their FIFA World CupTM “My Legits” wallet

After exchanging a Pass, a Memento will be delivered to the player’s account. Exchanging a Game Pass guarantees a Memento, but it might not be a Spotlight – they could get any of the Mementos mentioned earlier. However, players can improve their odds of getting better Mementos (such as Spotlights). Read on to learn how. 

What are My Chances of Landing a Spotlight? 

Every player has a chance to get a Spotlight from a Game Pass. However, those with a good Fan Score and top-level Game Pass stand the best chance. The combination of a player’s FIFA Fan Score and Pass rarity is weighed against players who also hold a Game Pass from the group or playoff stage. 

FIFA Fan Score

Players earn Fan Points for their FIFA Fan Score by adding any FIFA World CupTM Legit to their wallets or by putting those Legits into Collections. When completing a Collection, the Fan Points earned for each Legit get a nice boost! There are a total of 50 Collections for the tournament, giving players plenty of ways to build their score.

Tip: There are many other types of Collections available in Upland outside of the FIFA World CupTM, making Collections great for getting into Upland’s activities. Check out collecting properties and NFLPA Legits to learn more. 

Game Passes

There are three different Game Passes – Pass, VIP, and Platinum. The rarer the Pass, the better the odds of getting a rare Memento. To increase the chances of getting the best Pass (the Platinum Pass), players can go for the higher-tiered Bundles, increasing the odds of getting a Pass. 


Every match has a total of 328 Mementos including an average of 53 Spotlights combined for each team’s Scarves, Team Crests, Team Warmup Balls, Team Boots, Team Shirts, Match Balls, and Spotlights. We say an average of 53 Spotlights because it’s impossible to guess the number of highlight moments from matches. 

Exchanging a Game Pass for a Memento means that a player could receive any type of Memento for any match from that round.

Keep in mind that odds also depend heavily on Fan Scores and the type of Game Pass exchanged. 

Own the Action with Spotlights

Hopefully we’ve helped you understand how Spotlights work and why they are so interesting for football fans. Just remember, anybody can get a Spotlight from a Game Pass, but building your Fan Score and acquiring higher value Game Passes (either by purchasing a more valuable Bundle or trading for VIP or Platinum Pass) improve the odds. 

Spotlights are one of the most interesting ways to celebrate the beautiful game on the biggest stage. Enjoy FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM, and keep the moments forever with Spotlight Mementos! 

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