December 8, 2022

Exchange FIFA World Cup™ Passes for Mementos!

[UPDATE 12.14.22]

Players with FIFA World Cup™ items from the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan that were incorrectly labeled as 2004 will able to exchange those items for a corrected version on Wednesday, December 14 at 10:30 AM PT. Players should be able to see the 'exchange' option when viewing those items.

*There is no obligation to exchange the FIFA World Cup™ items incorrectly labeled as 2004, but they will not be able to be used for collections in the near future*


[UPDATE 12.12.22]

Unfortunately we are delaying the release of the pass exchange until Tuesday, December 13th. We will give a heads up before the exchange goes live. Remember that tomorrow’s exchange will be live only for Group A passes, with other passes opening up later this week. We apologize for the delay, thank you for your patience, and look forward to the pass exchange opening tomorrow!


With the Group Stage of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM in the record books, we’re almost ready to launch a trove of FIFA World CupTM Mementos players can get in Pass Exchanges! With these collectibles, Upland players can own a historic piece of the amazing Group Stage matches!

The first Game Pass exchanges land in Upland on Monday, December 12. We will announce when exchanges open on Monday. At that time, Pass exchanges will open only for those with Group A Game Passes as the test segment. Then all Game Passes from the remaining Group Stage matches will be open for exchanges on Tuesday, December 13.

Game Passes are one of the many new things added to Upland thanks to our FIFA World CupTM partnership. Here we’ll explain how Game Pass exchanges work to prepare players for new FIFA World CupTM Mementos! 

What are FIFA World CupTM Game Passes? 

Game Passes are 3D NFTs exclusively in Upland. Passes commemorate a specific round of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. Players can keep Passes forever or use them as “keys” to unlock a Memento from a match! 

There are three types of Game Passes: 

  • Pass = least rare
  • VIP = rarer
  • Platinum = rarest

Rarity comes into play when exchanging a Pass for Mementos – a rarer pass improves players' odds of getting rarer Mementos! 

To learn more about how Pass rarity works and how to get a rare Game Pass, you can check out or post on FIFA World CupTM Bundles

How Do Game Pass Exchanges Work? 

Game Passes have a unique function in Upland in that they act as keys players can exchange for a mystery Memento from a FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM match. While players don’t have to exchange Game Passes, there’s a strong incentive to exchange because Mementos commemorate the matches and legendary moments from FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM matches. 

Game Pass exchanges open up shortly after a tournament round ends. Players will know it’s time to exchange a Pass when the green “Exchange” icon lights up in their FIFA World CupTM Legits wallet. We’ll also notify players when each round is available for exchange.

Tip: If you want to learn more about FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM Mementos, check out our video with Co-Founder Idan Zuckerman!

If the Exchange icon isn’t green, don’t worry! Because Game Passes are linked directly to a specific group or tournament stage, exchanges won’t be available until a few days after a group or stage ends. 

Note: The first Game Passes that will be available for exchanges are for Group A of the Group Stage of the tournament. After validating the exchange mechanics, exchanges will be available for all other Game Passes from the Group Stage. 

Pass Exchange Probabilities

There are an average of 328 Mementos for each match. A Game Pass draws from the Mementos available from its respective group or tournament stage. Similarly, player probabilities for drawing a rare Memento come down to who has the best combination of Game Passes and Fan Score. Here’s how probabilities for drawing a Memento are calculated: 

  • Players start with a Pass Score based on the Game Pass tier (Pass, VIP, and Platinum).
  • A player’s Fan Score adds a multiplier to the Pass Score.
  • The Pass Score combined with the Fan Score multiplier determines a player’s Exchange Score. 
  • Player Exchange Scores are compared for those with the Passes in the group or tournament stage (Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Final, Third Place Playoff). Player ranking here determines the Exchange Pass Percentile group.
  • The Exchange Pass Percentile group determines the odds of getting a high-quality Memento.
  • Mints and maximum supply determine a Memento’s quality.

Remember: these calculations only determine the probabilities of drawing a rare Memento. Everyone has a chance of getting high-quality or lower-quality Mementos. Check out our table to learn more about how Exchange Pass Percentiles are calculated and the probabilities for each percentile group. 

When completing an exchange, a Memento is sent to the player – typically within a few minutes. These exchanges result in players receiving any of the seven types of Mementos available: Team Scarves, Team Crests, Team Warmup Balls, Team Boots, Team Shirts, a Match Ball, or Spotlight videos of match highlights. All Mementos also contain a statistical record of that match.

Getting Rarer Mementos in Exchanges

Game Passes guarantee a Memento. Mementos are rare collectibles in Upland with limited mints. They also give players more Fan Points that go a long way to climbing the FIFA Fan Leaderboard. However, some Mementos are rarer than others. For example, there is only one Match Ball Memento for each team in a match. Also, every goal scored in the tournament will have just one Spotlight Memento, while other important match moments (such as goalkeeper saves) will have a few more Spotlight mints. 

Tip: Read our full “Spotlight on Spotlights” post to learn more about these amazing video highlights work, including embargos on video media for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM ending after the tournament. 

When someone exchanges a Game Pass, the player can get any Memento. However, there are two ways to improve the chances of getting a better Legit: Using a high-tier Game Pass and having a higher Fan Score before exchanging a Pass for a Memento.

Game Pass Types

As we mentioned earlier, there are three types of Game Passes: Pass, VIP, and Platinum. A Platinum Pass improves the odds of landing a better Memento than the other tiers. To get a Platinum or VIP Pass, players can purchase a FIFA World CupTM Bundle

Fan Scores

Players earn Fan Points for their FIFA Fan Score by collecting any FIFA World CupTM Legit, and can boost their Fan Point values by putting those Legits into Collections. There are a total of 50 Collections for the tournament, giving players plenty of ways to build their scores.

Get Ready to Exchange!

Game Pass Exchanges are a fantastic way to own a piece of historic matches from FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. And the Mementos received from exchanges supercharge FIFA World CupTM Collections that could lead to even more fantastic player rewards in the FIFA World CupTM Fan Score Challenge

Get ready to cash in on Game Passes from the Group Stage soon! And if you don’t have a Pass yet, see what’s left in the Upland Store, or scout player-owned Fan Shops to see if you can buy one! 

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