May 19, 2023

May Spark Week is here!

May Spark Week has arrived! During Spark Week, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire additional Spark, the ultimate resource that can bring any Map Assets and property structures to life in Upland. Spark is what makes our cities and neighborhoods in Upland stand out. So act fast and secure more Spark before it’s gone! May Spark Week will officially begin on Monday, May 22nd at 9 AM PT and ends on Monday, May 29th at 9 AM PT

Spark Week this month features Status Up Spark Rewards, Sparked Up Treasure Hunt Tier, and a Spark Sale. 

Status Up Spark Rewards

Take advantage of Spark Week by leveling up your Upland Status for extra free Spark. It provides higher rewards than standard level-ups. Don't miss out on Status Up Spark rewards if you're nearing a level-up!

Status Up Spark Rewards run from Monday, May 22nd at 9 AM PT to Monday, May 29th at 9 AM PT. 

The amount of Spark rewarded differs for each level. Here’s a breakdown: ‍

  • Visitor to Uplander: 0.06 Spark‍
  • Uplander to Pro: 0.12 Spark‍
  • Pro to Director: 0.6 Spark‍
  • Director to Executive: 1.2 Spark‍
  • Executive to Chief Executive: 2.4 Spark‍

Sparked Up Treasure Hunt Tier

During Spark Week, enjoy the Sparked Up Treasure Hunt Tier! In this special Sparked-Up Treasure Hunt Tier, players will explore 10 cities in search of various Spark chests. The Sparked-Up Competitive Treasure Hunts are available from Thursday, May 25th at 9 AM PT to Sunday, May 28th at 11:59 PM PT. 

The cities are:

  • Nashville
  • Dallas
  • Kansas City
  • New Orleans
  • Bronx
  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Porto
  • Buenos Aires
  • Bakersfield

Note: Please keep in mind that players need to complete KYC identity verification in order to participate and collect rewards. 

Treasures and Rewards

There are four types of chests: Grey, Blue, Metal, and Spark. Each chest has different rewards depending on a city’s Treasure Hunting Tier. Check out our graphic below for specific rewards. 

The new balancing for Standard Treasure Hunts and Competitive Tier cooldowns will apply to the Sparked Up Treasure Hunt Tier. Please note that all tiers will have a three-hour cooldown. 

Spark Sale

Don’t forget to check out the limited-time Spark Sale in the Upland Store during Spark Week. Get ready to hop in, register, and stock up! A quick tip: the two smallest quantities, 0.05 and 0.1 Spark will also be available on mobile for players looking to grab a smaller amount of Spark. Make sure you act quickly, as these quantities will only be available until they sell out. It's the perfect opportunity to replenish your Spark if you're running low.

Spark Sale Details

  • Registration starts: Tuesday, May 23rd at 8 AM PT
  • Registration ends: Wednesday, May 24th at 8 AM PT
  • Sale start: Wednesday, May 24th at 9 AM PT

New to Spark? 

If you’re a new player or are just trying to figure out what Spark is and what it does, no problem! In Upland, we are simulating many aspects of the real world. There is a lot of building in Upland, including Structures on properties, as well as things like cars and Map Assets in factors. 

Think of Spark as fuel that keeps Upland factories running and feeds the little llama construction workers building on properties. (Okay, we don’t actually have llama construction workers, but use your imagination!)

Every object that needs to be built or constructed takes a minimum amount of Spark. The more Spark put into building something, the faster that object is built. 

For example, if you have a new property, you’ll need Spark to build a structure on the property. You’d do this if you want to have an Upland Home Address or Metaventure Shop on your property. 

Unlike UPX, Spark isn’t available at any time. There are certain events – such as Spark Week – when players can earn or buy Spark. If you plan on building in Upland, be sure to grab Spark while you can!

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