February 16, 2023

Standard Treasure Cost Multipliers and Competitive Tier Cooldowns

[UPDATE 9.11.23]

All Standard Treasure Cost Multipliers have been enabled. Below is a table of all the cities' new Riot Mode Thresholds.

Note: Cities that have '-' in the Old Threshold Column were released after this announcement was published and there Riot Mode Thresholds are in the New Threshold column.


New balancing is here for Standard Treasure Hunts and Competitive Tier cooldowns. These changes were announced in a prior blog, and now we’re ready to roll them out to further balance Treasure Hunting for all players. Also, players will experience performance optimizations while hunting – because who doesn’t like a buttery-smooth hunt? Woop woop! 

Standard Treasure Cost Multiplier Details

The new spawn fee mechanic for Standard Treasure Hunts helps balance reward distribution for this system. Players will see spawn fees increase after every 10 treasure spawns per day – meaning it resets daily at 12 AM PT. This means that fee hikes occur after the tenth, twentieth, and thirtieth treasure spawns. Fees stop increasing after the thirty-first treasure (but each treasure will still see a fee for the rest of that day). 

Let’s face it, thirty Standard Treasure Hunts in a day is basically a part-time job. So it’s no surprise that this update impacts very few players. In fact, we find that only 0.5% of players spawn more than 10 Standard Treasure Hunts per day. 

Here’s a chart showing the spawn fee increases: 

Competitive Treasure Hunt Cooldown Details

There’s a new cooldown for players who claim a Competitive Tier Treasure. This cooldown slows power players from snatching up all the treasures, which gives more players a chance at sweet sweet gold. 

The rarity of the treasure collected determines the cooldown period. The bigger the booty, the bigger the cooldown. 

  • Limited Treasures: 1 hour cooldown
  • Exclusive Treasures: 3 hour cooldown
  • Rare Treasures: 8 hour cooldown

Please note that these cooldowns are subject to change as the Upland team continues to balance Competitive Treasure Hunts. 

Treasure Hunting Performance Improvements

Hopefully, you find the changes above as welcomed news that makes treasure hunting more accessible and fun. But at least we can all agree that better performance on treasure hunts is good for everyone! Expect a smoother, faster experience on all browsers, iOS, and Android!

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