Our Story

It all started in early 2018 during a late-night Monopoly game between our co-founders Mani, Idan, and Dirk. If you can’t recall, this was a time when digital collectibles via non-fungible tokens based on blockchain technology started making a big splash in the news. Think: Cryptokitties. The combination of Monopoly and the rise of digital collectibles had the three cofounders asking themselves: What if we can “tokenize” the real world through the very same technology that powers these collectibles? What if every property in the world could be its own collectible, non-fungible asset whose ownership could be verified by blockchain? Wouldn’t it be fun to trade virtual properties based on real-world addresses that are actually owned by you?

And that was the moment Upland was born. From then on, the three co-founders would meet almost everyday to plan, refine, and develop their vision for Upland: a metaverse where people will not only play but also socialize and eventually be able earn money. In other words, a true digital economy that blends the real world with the virtual world. But - and this was important from day one -  everything would have to be simple and easy to understand for anyone regardless of their level of technical expertise. So Mani, Idan and Dirk started to look for a blockchain that would enable them to make their vision a reality. They found it in the EOS blockchain developed by Block.One. Then everything started to pick up speed: Uplandme, Inc. was incorporated in July 2018. Soon thereafter the founders raised a seed round from angel investors and FinLab AG out of Germany and coding begin in earnest in December 2018. In June 2019 the company allowed its first users to try its closed beta. Then, since January 2020, Upland’s open beta has been live and available cross-platform, meaning web, iOS and Android.
Much has happened in 2020 for Upland. Fresno and NYC have since opened as mintable cities, and Upland’s partnership with Tilia Inc. to allow users to sell properties for USD was introduced. 

Upland has even more exciting and innovative plans for 2021: a NFT gateway that will allow users to import NFTs from other blockchains, drivable cars, residential and commercial property development, and the introduction of businesses. And the opening of new cities in the U.S. and internationally. The future is very bright in Upland indeed!

"Create fun experiences and new opportunities for everyone at the intersection of the real and virtual worlds."


This is what you get when a 90s music-loving guitarist, an active soccer (=football) player, and a competitive swimmer are combined:


Upland is supported by veterans from the gaming, public relations and blockchain industry. The team frequently meets with its advisory board to discuss strategy and tactics to advance the company.


The Lead investor in Uplandme, Inc. is the FinLab EOS VC Fund, a joint venture between FinLab AG and EOSIO blockchain developer Block.one, two global experts in blockchain technology. Additional investors include individuals from the financial services, real estate, gaming and blockchain industry.

FinLab AG

The listed FinLab AG (WKN 121806 / ISIN DE0001218063 / ticker symbol: A7A) is one of Europe’s first and largest investors in financial services technologies (“fintech”) and blockchain. FinLab focuses on providing venture capital to start-ups and strives to actively support its investments in the long-term. In doing so, FinLab uses its network and know-how to support its participants in their respective development phases. In addition, FinLab acts as an asset manager, overseeing assets in the three-digit million range.

Block.One & EOS VC

Block.one’s EOS VC program offers developers and entrepreneurs the funding they need to create community-driven businesses leveraging EOSIO. The program provides support through venture capital partnership funds that primarily aim to achieve sustained utilisation of the EOSIO ecosystem by investing in a concentrated and diversified portfolio of blockchain-focused companies building on the EOSIO software. The EOS VC initiative is dedicated to fostering a global network of individuals from a number of disciplines through engagement events. As part of the mission and vision, EOS VC engages with the blockchain developer community on a regular basis. For further information, please visit Block.one and vc.eos.io

White Paper

Download our “White Llama Paper” if you are interested in finding out more about Upland’s core game mechanics, economy and use of tokens.


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