Digital asset Statue

Please read through the following submission details before submitting your Executive Level 3D Model.
  1. Policy on digital asset metadata. Your 3D object requires metadata, which must be a simple, straightforward statement that is a maximum of two sentences long. This metadata will be attached to your 3D object as its metadata after it is minted as a digital asset.
  2. Policy on acceptable 3D references. Any images that contain copyrighted material, drugs, hate, guns, nudity, or offensive references will not be accepted. The submitted 3D content must use the provided Blender file and specifications. Any other file type or problems with specifications will be rejected.
  3. 3D file submission acknowledgement. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that any materials uploaded to Upland are the player’s own creation. If it is not, the player must provide evidence that he or she is granted the necessary royalty and distribution rights.

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