A collection of recent press and news mentions of Upland!

PRNewsWire: Uplandme, Inc. raises seven figures for a new property trading game

The company aims to introduce Blockchain technology to a mainstream audience by providing a casual gaming experience… Read more

Decrypt: EOS blockchain game Upland lets players own digital, real-world properties

Upcoming web and mobile blockchain game Upland is kind of like Pokémon Go, except for amassing buildings and landmarks instead of cute creatures… Read more

Venture Beat: Upland blockchain game will use Linden Lab’s Tilia for virtual property transactions

Blockchain game developer Uplandme has teamed up with Linden Lab’s Tilia division to enable digital payments in the Upland virtual property trading game… Read more

CoinTelegraph: Play-to-Earn Crypto Gamers Flip Virtual Properties for Fiat Rewards

A blockchain game adopts a play-to-earn model that lets users receive fiat for virtual property transactions… Read more

Decrypt: Upland taps Second Life tech to sell digital properties for cash

Flip virtual flats for crypto or cash? It’ll be your choice once Linden Labs’ Tilia Pay is implemented within the blockchain-based game… Read more

CoinDesk: ‘Monopoly’-Style Blockchain Property Trading Game Raises $2 Million

FinLab EOS VC Fund and several angel investors have invested a combined $2 million in Uplandme, maker of a digital property-trading game running on top of the EOS blockchain… Read more

CryptoDaily: ‘Upland’ Virtual Properties — Is This The New Real-Estate Boom? is the brain-child of 3 entrepreneur friends. After playing monopoly and watching an episode of ‘Stranger things’, they put their heads together and came up with the idea of a virtual property world based on the real world… Read more

CoinAnnouncer: Upland Virtual Property Game Creates CryptoKitties Retirement Island

Today the developers of the blockchain-based property trading game and virtual parallel world Upland announced to its community that it has created “an island retirement resort for all your hardworking CryptoKitties” just off the coast of San Francisco… Read more

Decrypt: Crypto Looks to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as Next Possible Big Wave

Gaming lends itself to digital collectibles like NFTs, which is an area that Uplandme founder Dirk Lueth knows well. During the CoinAgenda panel discussion, Lueth described Uplandme as a parallel world of NFTs and a metaverse, the latter of which can be defined in different ways, one of which could be a 3-D world, for example… Read more

AP: Upland Launches First Virtual Asset Trading of NFTs for Fiat in Partnership with Second Life’s Linden Labs

Tilia Pay will enable Upland players to sell virtual properties, based on real-world addresses and represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), for US dollars. This makes Upland the first blockchain game to allow players to extract the monetary value of virtual goods back into real money in the real world. Read more