Upland is a world in and of itself. It has its own market and its own economy, composed of real people. As it continues to develop, this world will only become more detailed, with additional features and complexity. Sometimes, like in real life, it takes more than a few sets of hands to make that complexity accessible to everyone.

Luckily for us, our community of Uplanders is filled with would-be authors, publishers, streamers, designers, and even entrepreneurial minds who produce their own content, creations, and business ideas. Some of them do so to help newcomers while others create materials simply because they love discussing their achievements and strategies. There are also Uplanders who spark creativity and would just enjoy seeing their ideas integrated into the game.

Upland promotes and rewards this type of participation in our community, which is why we have created the Upland Contributor Network (UCN). The UCN is a hand-selected network. It involves an application and vetting process to ensure certain quality requirements are met. We currently have three active groups of UCN members, Broadcasters, Moderators, and Franchisees. In the near future, we will be introducing Ambassadors.

Designers (coming soon)
Entrepreneurs (coming soon)

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