How to Guide


Buying, Selling, Trading properties

When zoomed in close enough on the map, you’ll see the outlines of property parcels. These parcels are based on real world addresses, coordinates and proportions. Their color codes will tell you something about them:

  • Gray: unminted (never minted on the blockchain). These properties have never been owned, you would essentially be creating them for the first time on the grey outlined “area”. Minting will give you the mint price from the system.
  • Light blue: owned by someone else, not listed for sale (but you can still make an offer).
  • Dark green: owned by someone else, listed for sale with price (you can buy at price or make a different offer).
  • Dark blue: your properties (owned by you).
  • Light green: properties in “discovery range” of your explorer.

Buying someone else’s property is easy. You can do so at any point by clicking on a minted property. In the menu that pops up you will see certain essential data about that property. Click Buy to buy at the seller’s price, if listed, or click Make Offer if no price is listed or you have a different one in mind.

Buying a previously unowned property, what we call minting, is only slightly more complicated. Remember, unminted properties on the map are grey. To buy one, use the same method as above, only your explorer must be in its vicinity first. Once a property is in “discovery range” of your explorer, it will turn bright green, at which point you can click on it to buy. The number of properties discovered by your explorer appears in bright green attached to the top left of the avatar. You can click on your avatar at any point to see a full list of discovered properties.

Properties in Upland carry an annual yield of approximately 17% of its mint price. So if a property’s mint price was 10,000 UPX, it will yield its owner approximately 1,700 UPX per year. Those are real years, by the way, not “video game years”. You can collect a portion of that yield every few hours in the top right corner of your screen.

"If you’re wondering how to get by in Upland when you’re starting out earning only a few mere UPX every few hours, or if you’re wondering why it works that way in the first place, see the Real Economy section."

Certain properties fit certain collections and will receive Boosted Earnings when complete. If you click on the property, you can see the earnings range and clicking on Boosted Earnings will also show you what collections it can fit into.

Much like in real life, what’s more important in real estate than “the sell”? Some of our community members have dubbed this “shilling”: it’s essentially pitching your property to potential buyers. That usually happens in our community chat groups, Discord or Telegram. You can go there to see what it looks like when players do it. Negotiating, trading, and selling properties with other Uplanders is one of the most fun parts of our game, so don't miss out!