What does Historic Zero mean?

Upland has offset all carbon emissions of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) server usage by purchasing 115 tons of carbon credits.
Historic Zero means that all past emissions of server usage have been offset as of Q4 2021.
In addition, it means future emissions will be known and compensated permanently hereafter.

The Upland Community’s Pivotal Role

Official Sustainability Badge
Upland’s community came together in June 2021 to raise over $6,000 to support our future carbon offset efforts. Individual donations were made in exchange for a sustainability badge that appears on in-game profiles. The UPX Podcast additionally contributed all proceeds from a special anniversary block explorer sale to the funds raised.

Upland matched each dollar raised and the entire sum was utilised towards our current achievement of reaching Historic Zero for our AWS usage.

Why Carbonfuture?

Carbonfuture is our proud sustainability partner.
We chose Carbonfuture because its carbon credits are:
Real as all carbon sinks have effectively been established before the respective credits are sold.
Measurable according to the scientific standards set by EBC-sink.
Permanent such that 100 ton years per credit is guaranteed.
Independently verified according to the EBC-sink standard

Real-Life Carbon Impact

Upland’s offset credits support Pacific Biochar.

What is Biochar?

Biochar is a charcoal-like substance is won by pyrolysis of biomass in the absence of oxygen. Biochar is applied to soils, providing large co-benefits, such as increased water retention capacity, reduction of nutrient leakage and filtering of toxins, which in turn reduces the need for fertilizers.

Why Biochar?

Biochar is an applied climate solution which removes carbon from the atmosphere and safely stores it for hundreds of years

What impact does Upland’s Biochar carbon credits have?

Our credits give forest biomass a second life, reduces catastrophic wildfire risk, produces renewable energy, as well as helping local farmers by improving soil health and crop yield.

Becoming a Carbon Negative Metaverse

But Upland is not done yet.

We are proud to announce our ambitious goal of becoming a carbon negative business in the near future.

This means offsetting all historical and future emissions of Upland’s entire operation.

Stay tuned and follow us on
Twitter for announcements of our next steps.

Our 2021 EOS Carbon Offset

To take action on blockchain sustainability, Upland partnered with EOS Authority and ClimateCare in 2021 to offset a year’s worth of carbon emissions for the entire EOS Public Network.

Because EOSIO is based on a delegated proof of stake consensus algorithm, it produces a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

Tonnes of CO2 per year comparison:
1. EOS Public Network: 281
2. Bitcoin: 59,890,000
3. Ethereum: 23,470,000

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